Bathroom Photos

White is probably my favorite color...is that even possible?
Cute and compact...I like how there is no lip on the shower.
I don't know how this works but I would love to find out. Although I don't like the bronze, it looks pretty cool.
Stripes...how can you resist? Especially when done in tile! Also think those sconces are amazing.
Gorgeous shower...not sure how I feel about the functionality of wood floors in a full bathroom.
I am mainly obsessed with the floor tile...that border is fantastic. Not so sure about that wood toilet seat/cover--is it really necessary to draw attention to that element?
Lights and darks...like my art teacher used to say. Very nice.
Pretty much awesome...the only thing I don't love it the protruding medicine cabinet/mirror. Sputnik ceiling fixture is brilliant!
Besides the fact that the tile work is right up my alley, I think that vanity light is ridiculously perfect.
Design by Kelly Wearstler
Magic Tile Fairy: Would you like tile on the ceiling?
K: Yes, please!

P.S. I also would love to have all of those drawers and that stinkin' cute towel cubby.
The combo of tile is fabulous...ditto on that light fixture.
Such a neat set-up, however, I don't think it will work for our bathroom...unless the tub was only about 4' wide!
Cutest shower curtain ever! I'm battling between this one and the one below...

I'm thinking I'll do a shower curtain like this in one of the guest bathrooms...it's such a crisp tailored look. Either this is a tub-only situation or that is a waterproof sunburst mirror ;)
I really like the floor to ceiling glass shower...I imagine it stays nice and warm :)
The gray-white color palette is my fav for a bathroom.
Great wall color.
Can't go wrong with white subway tile. Question - does the water really not splash out with no door?
Cool use of gray trim and industrial sconces...I also would like one of those mini towel bars above the faucet - super cute and functional.

Ultimately if we remodel the bathroom, I would knock down the wall connected the bath to the closet and go with a style shown in the above pics to create a huge master closet/dressing area/bathroom.

Clearly, I have a love affair with marble...I adore the checkerboard pattern above.

I just wanna kiss these hex marble floors and the paint color is perfect. Also, how cool is that window trimmed in tile?

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