Progress - Part 2

So I've been reminded that I'm supposed to use the blog to post updates on our house's progress.

Here goes...lots of work has been done. For one, we've moved all of our furniture. Which turned out to be kind of a bad thing because a few days after we did it, we found out the contract on our old house fell through. So, now I've got to take some furniture back over there to stage it...argh!

Oh well. On the painting front, the big den area/kitchen/breakfast has been painted. I finally got the color right (ended up mixing it myself) and I love it. It's a powdery gray and ended up being a great neutral for the space. It's much more my style than the faux finished and mustard yellow walls that we covered! Clay and I stayed here until 3am one night before we moved in because I declared that I wouldn't leave until it was finished. Also, I painted the guest room that was lime sherbert green and the adjoining bathroom that was toothpaste blue. Finally, the study has been painted a dark gray. Last room to paint is the entry and I'm having a really hard time picking the color.

We had the carpet ripped up in 2 rooms on the east side of the house and had the floors refinished. The floors in our bedroom are now hardwood as well.

Just beginning to hang things on the wall. Some pics...

Dining...hopefully we'll get a new table and chairs soon. I'm thinking a big round table...probably going to have "Knights of the Round Table" inscribed somewhere - ha. I'd like to be able to seat 8 at the table and up to 12 if leaves are added.

Study...no longer baby blue. I need to get a rug (see previous post) and I will be replacing the light fixture with a sputnik chandelier and hanging art ASAP. Also, the chairs aren't staying. I need to order some desk chairs...I would love to get these in white but as usual my taste doesn't run in tandem with my budget!
Den...this room will change dramatically as soon as our sectional arrives (which will hopefully be in the next two weeks). So this is our makeshift set-up until that happens.
The bookcases need help...we definitely need more books! I'll have to spend more time playing around with the arrangement. Too bad you can't fill bookcases with shoe boxes.
I love my new lamps!

Master bedroom...obviously there is a giant TV mount that needs moving. I don't handle electronics or their accessories so that's on Clay's to-do list.I've also got some great mirrors to hang behind the lamps on the nightstands.Kitchen...nothing new here, just a better wall color! Shopping list here includes a new rug, a 6-burner cooktop, and a Sub Zero fridge ;)

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