RH Rejuvenation

Just got the new Restoration Hardware catalog and they have really stepped up their game. I've always loved RH's classic style but their offerings don't change very often so I'm not usually "excited" about a new season with them. This time, I have lots of things dogeared including...I normally don't do leather furniture but the finish on this chair is awesome and I love the unique style. It also looks pretty comfortable.

Cool stool!

That drafting table is the jam...

There aren't many tufted benches that I don't like but this one is especially likeable. It has a pretty but interesting wood finish on the legs and includes casters and nailhead trim. This piece would be very versatile; could be used as a coffee table, an ottoman, or a bench.

Industrial tool chest - perfect as a side table at the Knight house...I think everyone needs a bit of concealed storage for ugly things like remotes, gossip mags, and catalogs :)
There is something about pedestal tables that I can't get over..I love the shape of this one.
Great coffee table - I like the double levels, it provides a place for books and magazines and doesn't leave a gaping hole in the center like most do.I totally gravitate towards pieces with an industrial edge....I'm going to have to find a place to put one of these.
I actually already bought this chair, but not from RH (psst...Wisteria Outlet). It had Clay's name written all over it! Mecox has it too.
I really want two of the small versions of this pendant for my new bathroom.

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