The Wonderful World of Jonathan Adler

Although I'm not drawn to JA's famous pottery, I do fancy some of the other offerings on his site:
Woodhouse Bed...so pretty, however, I think I can get a similar look from one of the cheaper beds in my previous post.

Yes, I am aware that it would be insane to spend $78 dollars on a box only intended to house the remote controls. Despite the insanity, I still want it pretty badly (it is a perfect shade of orange), but before buying I'm going to search for an alternative. I hate visible electronics...including remotes!

Sleek side tables...
I wish I had a good place for this..it's actually pretty well priced too at $750.
This lamp could make a boring room lots of fun! Throw a little grosgrain trim on that shade and it's perfection.

I have been lusting over this throw for a while. My only worry is about the way it feels..."100% Baby Alpaca." Hmmm...that phrase triggers my texture issues. It is cheaper than the Hermes blanket that I really want. I'm so darned sensible ;)

The above pillows can be customized, however, you'll notice that there is no orange in the color options. Clearly, a mistake that should be fixed! I suppose that I could make the grey and the light blue work - shout out to Tim Gunn since Project Runway comes back on TONIGHT!!!

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