Dog Friendly Living, etc.

With four dogs cruising the Knight house...I do lots of vacuuming...with the help of Roomba. What the Roomba can't vacuum is the couch. So, this Crypton Super Throver is about to get purchased as a weapon in my battle against dog hair. I love the cute fabric and it sounds like the function could even outshine the form.
In other purchasing news, we finally bit the bullet and bought a new tv for the den. At 55" it's the biggest tv I'll ever want! Maybe I won't have to wear my glasses now to properly see the dresses on Project Runway :) It will also come in handy for football season.

Further, I ordered new dining room chairs and have begun talks with a local furniture fabricator about making the table. End result will look something like this (sorry for the lack of photo credits...I have got to start labeling my screenshots!):
Other items in the shopping lineup include:
Hydrangea wreath for front doorFretwork mirror from HorchowCUTE bowls from Anthro

Lacquer moose head from Z Gallerie for study. Random, I know - but for some reason, I love it!

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