It's been a whirlwind during the past few weeks. Been trying to tie up loose ends and get the house at least 90% finished. LOTS of changes...some new furniture, new art, new paint, and on and on. Plenty of annoying nitty gritty things like caulking and changing the light switch plates have occurred too. I would really like to not have Home Depot on my errand list ever again. Here are some shots of how it looks now:
Front living room...
I snuck a little animal print in here on the pillows and Clay hasn't revolted yet - yay! The key is to just not take him with me when I shop. He can be a Negative Nancy and sometimes has a hard time seeing things out of context.
New convex mirror above fireplace...I love it. Perfect amount of interest for that spot.
New sofa and one of my favorite things in the house, the cloisonne lamp with the orange shade! This lamp is crazy good. Perfect shape, perfect colors, quality construction--obviously I am completely obsessed.
Seriously, even the finial is stunning. A huge thanks to Layla Grace for tracking this one down for me!! There was a major production problem (i.e. the manufacturer quit making it) and there were only 2 left in the world and they made it happen. Got the metal baskets at Round Top and that's white birch firewood. Almost too pretty to burn :) And how could you miss our new GIGANTIC tv. Next thing on the list is having a carpenter come modify the cabinet to hide it.Here you can see how I painted the inside of the bookcases a peacock blue and more importantly, you can see the gorgeous painting Clay gave me last week for our second anniversary. It was done by an extremely talented artist named Michael McConnell, who is based out of Aspen. I saw it when I was up there for my brother's wedding and couldn't get it out of my head. These photos don't do it justice - the colors are simply amazing. It is a showstopper in the room and I couldn't be more excited about getting to look at it everyday.
Also painted the cabinet interior over the bar the same peacock blue and filled it with white pitchers.
Just got these three books and they are all beautiful in very different ways. As a side note...with all of the bookcases, this house has made me realize the importance of buying hardback books. I'm a little mad at myself that I always cheap out and buy the paperback (even though paperbacks are silly exp now). Going to try and put a stop to that!

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  1. Kyle...the house looks AMAZING!!! Congrats you are VERY talented!