The thing about artwork...

Like guests at a dinner party, art can either bring something to the table, take something from the table, or simply fill a seat. After working in the art business and seeing how "marketability" factors into some contemporary work, I developed a little cynicism about contemporary artists. I have a bias towards 17-20th century masters, only because I know the most about them, the historical and social context of the time periods during which they worked, and the meaning behind their oeuvres creates a separate dimension of attraction aside from aesthetics.

For example, these stone lithographs were created by Matisse during WWII to symbolize the blackouts caused by all of the bombing. I love the simplicity, bold colors, and overall style but the historical tidbit is what makes it interesting.

Every so often, something created by a contemporary artist will stop me dead in my tracks-...like this painting Clay got me for our anniversary---
and I am reminded to keep an open mind because there is so much artistic talent out there that deserves recognition.

With that in mind, the work of Rich Bowman recently caught my eye - all are oil paintings and are currently on view at Craighead Green Gallery, where the below wedding gift to my husband came from...it's an oil by Pancho Luna.

Anyhow...as you'll see, Rich Bowman's work is stunning and I would kill to have the pleasure of enjoying one on a daily basis!

Like so many things that make a house a home, quality art can provide an intangible sense of life. Like a friend, each piece should have its own story, a unique personality, and a reason to have a relationship with it. Sometimes you might like it from the minute you "meet" it...other times you might learn to love it over time. In any case, choosing original artwork (i.e. not something from Z Gallerie) should be an engaging process and will take some thoughtful consideration. If you're unfamiliar with the world of artists and galleries, the key is to keep an open mind. Learn, absorb, enjoy, and think...leave preconceived notions and judgmental attitudes at the door...if you can do that, art can become a lifelong passion.

"Building Botero"
32" x 48"

"Upward Amble"
60" x 60"

"Midwest High"
36" x 36"

"Lemon and Blue"
30" x 48"

"Clear Blue Night"
36" x 36"

"Rolling On"
72" x 84"

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  1. Very inspiring point of view, thanks for sharing. Beautiful images.