While out shopping

It's the shopping time of year, so while out browsing for Christmas presents and decor, I spotted some other fun things.

First, at the Wisteria Outlet...

These garden stools were the prettiest shade of blue.

Nice settee despite the aesthetically challenged pillows. Thought about getting this for our living room. I think it was about $700 compared the the normal price of $1,099.

No joking around with this mirror!

I'd like to see this chest under the mirror shown above.
Would also be great in a nursery or a little girl's room.

On to Target...

This is such a great little ottoman/stool! I'm a dummy and forgot to note the price, but I remember it was definitely under $50. The fabric was a nice neutral color and the texture was good. Added bonus - the top comes off so you can store magazines, etc. in the middle.

I'd love to get a bunch of these and hang them all together in a grid on the wall.

Williams-Sonoma Home

The cutest little stool e-v-e-r! The top is an ivory pebbled leather.

White tufted benches, I love you. Especially when on sale!

Really liked this zebra crewel rug...am considering it for the den.

Looks kind of like a diamond, eh?

Gorgeous curvy side table with marble insert.

They had these great photos of Euro bridges at night. I loved this one from Rome.

Revere bowl - such a great classic.

Mirrored placemats were so festive. Also would be easy to clean!

On to IKEA...

Great rug for $149...it's got a nice pattern, low pile, and versatile color palette in gray and black.

Finally, HomeGoods....

As always, they have tons of good lamps like this one that has a cool pewter finish.

Love me some gourd lamps.



Like the ones I have in my den :)


They had colanders in every size and color. Super cheap prices too.

Affordable, snazzy accessories...love those white urns and the foo dogs (which are currently at Z Gallerie for $119, I think these were about $50).

Mirrored boxes in geometric patterns that are right up my alley. These also came in other colors like red and green.

For about $20, this pillow could make a boring room a little more fun!

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