Getting a few things hung on the walls finally...some of my favorites are from the Temple of Flora book I got from Stanley Korshak last year. Thanks to Clay's friend Jeremy for doing such an awesome job on the framing! He framed 21 of them for us and they are all perfect. We have them sprinkled throughout the house.

Still need to change the curtains...unfortunately the ones I'm going to use are still hanging at our old house in a futile attempt to keep it looking semi-ok :(Some of the black and white prints from the book...I adore these!
FINALLY painted the entry...the color turned out nice, however, if I can force myself to pick up the paintbrush again, I'm going to paint it with black chalkboard paint!

We have had this mirror for almost 2 yrs and it has finally been hung. Captain Procrastination (aka JCK) finally bit the bullet. Whoops...I think we hung it a little high!
Moved the suzani rug in here even though this whole set-up is temporary since Clay's parents are gifting us a new table/chairs.

Arts & Architecture

Attempting to hang as many issues as possible from our vintage Arts & Architecture magazine collection in a clothesline style in our study. Here is the idea..I will keep you posted with whether or not these IKEA cables hold up! I'm afraid I might have to anchor them with drywall screws...it's amazing how heavy paper can get. These mags are from the 1940s-1950s and every issue has amazing cover art. I figured this would be a great way to display them while still allowing for them to be taken down and perused easily--also helps me fill our never-ending expanse of wall space in the new house. Too bad I don't still work at an art gallery!

RH Rejuvenation

Just got the new Restoration Hardware catalog and they have really stepped up their game. I've always loved RH's classic style but their offerings don't change very often so I'm not usually "excited" about a new season with them. This time, I have lots of things dogeared including...I normally don't do leather furniture but the finish on this chair is awesome and I love the unique style. It also looks pretty comfortable.

Cool stool!

That drafting table is the jam...

There aren't many tufted benches that I don't like but this one is especially likeable. It has a pretty but interesting wood finish on the legs and includes casters and nailhead trim. This piece would be very versatile; could be used as a coffee table, an ottoman, or a bench.

Industrial tool chest - perfect as a side table at the Knight house...I think everyone needs a bit of concealed storage for ugly things like remotes, gossip mags, and catalogs :)
There is something about pedestal tables that I can't get over..I love the shape of this one.
Great coffee table - I like the double levels, it provides a place for books and magazines and doesn't leave a gaping hole in the center like most do.I totally gravitate towards pieces with an industrial edge....I'm going to have to find a place to put one of these.
I actually already bought this chair, but not from RH (psst...Wisteria Outlet). It had Clay's name written all over it! Mecox has it too.
I really want two of the small versions of this pendant for my new bathroom.


Gets Me Everytime

Whether I'm at the grocery store or Home Depot, I inevitably cruise the cleaning product aisle - the promise of a more spotless Knight residence always captures my attention :) I love cleaning gear and I really love Bounce sheets (the smell of laundry is probably my favorite scent). So I will definitely be heading to Target to grab one of these bad boys...
Will keep you posted on its performance!


The Wonderful World of Jonathan Adler

Although I'm not drawn to JA's famous pottery, I do fancy some of the other offerings on his site:
Woodhouse Bed...so pretty, however, I think I can get a similar look from one of the cheaper beds in my previous post.

Yes, I am aware that it would be insane to spend $78 dollars on a box only intended to house the remote controls. Despite the insanity, I still want it pretty badly (it is a perfect shade of orange), but before buying I'm going to search for an alternative. I hate visible electronics...including remotes!

Sleek side tables...
I wish I had a good place for this..it's actually pretty well priced too at $750.
This lamp could make a boring room lots of fun! Throw a little grosgrain trim on that shade and it's perfection.

I have been lusting over this throw for a while. My only worry is about the way it feels..."100% Baby Alpaca." Hmmm...that phrase triggers my texture issues. It is cheaper than the Hermes blanket that I really want. I'm so darned sensible ;)

The above pillows can be customized, however, you'll notice that there is no orange in the color options. Clearly, a mistake that should be fixed! I suppose that I could make the grey and the light blue work - shout out to Tim Gunn since Project Runway comes back on TONIGHT!!!


Battle of the Beds

Luckily, my parents decided to upgrade to a Tempurpedic and they were kind enough to haul their ex-mattress down to Big D to live out its existence in the Knight residence. I am thrilled to have a king-sized bed to offer up to guests--now I just need to buy a headboard or bed and start getting that room moving in a coherent direction. It's kind of a cluster of random pieces right now so the bed needs to be dynamic enough to serve as an anchor. Lots of fun (and cheap) options to consider:
HSN - $350HSN - $450 Thanks Nate Berkus for the two above!!
Target - $420JCP - $499 - I would probably paint the wood...maybe something fun like robin's egg blue.

Target - $470
Target - $660
Target - $699
Target - $700
Target - $710

West Elm - $329
West Elm - $449
HSN - Pewter - $299
From Roche Bobois...so it's probably not going to land in the guest room budget! Had to throw it in here because it's so pretty and fun.

Rug Rut

I need rugs for a few different areas...kitchen, den, study, and breakfast to name a few. I'm having a hard time deciding. Of course, it would be great to snap my fingers and get a few antique Oushaks...

I'm all about muted colors in rugs.
Cool zig zags from West Elm.
On the opposite end of the spectrum...Flor tiles. I've never seen these in person, but I think some of the stripes designs like the one above are pretty cute. Could be good for the kitchen.
I just love this rug from Anthropologie, though I'm not sure it would work in our house. Such great colors!