Queen Mary

The heliport we left from to go to Catalina was right near the Queen Mary, which the city of Long Beach purchased in 1967, dry docked at the port, and turned into a hotel. Since we've never been on a cruise ship, we figured we'd check out this historical vessel. I learned lots of facts about the Queen Mary such as its important role during WWII. It was also interesting to read about the different amenities that came along with the three different classes of passengers. Anyhow, it was neat to walk through and see the architecture and art deco interiors (and also how well the construction has stood the test of time), but I wouldn't make a special trip back.  Here's a quick photo tour...


I was all about the orange smokestacks.

Nautical instruments are so cool...
Submarine...have no info on why/if it's important :)


Ballroom...lots of burled walnut and art deco touches.

I LOVED these weathered gray wood decks. Great inspiration for an interior hardwood finish.

Mission control...looks like it saw various stages of updating.

Really cool chest for flags.

I think this was where the captain shacked up.

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