Bone Inlay Obsession

I'm really into the look of bone inlay goods...whether it be on a mirror or on furniture, it's such a dynamic adornment. The craftsmanship blows me away, especially on the high end pieces. In a perfect world, my dining room buffet/console table would be black and white inlaid bone...if I take enough crazy pills one day, maybe I'll get one custom made in India via Alibaba!

Ximon Mirror by Made Goods
This comes in a 36"H x 79"W size...that's my kind of full-length dressing mirror!
Wisteria also has its fair share of inlaid bone wares...besides what is on their website, I've seen lots of neat pieces in their outlet such as a huge desk and chests in fun colors like pink, orange, and blue.

I would like to get my hands on this tray

What a fabulous chest for an entryway!

And this mirror, which I bought two of at the outlet...

They used to have this bench that I would trade a kidney for...hopefully they bring it back into the product line-up!

While scouring the interwebs for an alternate source for the bench above, I ran across this AMAZING settee and the blue chair. Too bad the site doesn't seem to offer any purchasing options.


Finally, here's a coffee table I saw at H.D. Buttercup a while back...I loved it but didn't really have the right place for it. The pattern is awesome.

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