Decisions Decisions

In our bedroom, there is a tall dresser and a kidney-shaped desk that were my Grandmother's. They're definitely due for a little nip/tuck, so now I need to decide on a color scheme.

Both will likely stay in our bedroom so the finish needs to look work well against dark brownish gray walls.

Don't worry...the TV will not permanently reside on the dresser! The goal is the get it mounted on the wall. We'll put it between the bathroom door and where the kidney desk is...you can't see the area unless you're in the bed (as mentioned before, I detest visible electronics).

Anyhow, here are some inspiration pics:

Orange lacquer
Ruthie Sommers

Turquoise lacquer with white trim
Source unknown

Flat black with white trim
Source unknown

Black with white drawers
Chest by Hickory Chair...Tobi Fairley's entryway via

Tiffany's blue lacquer

Glossy black with white (too bad mine doesn't have this cool bamboo trim)
Source unknown

Pale, powdery blue with white detail
Source unknown

Poppy...love this against the dark wall!
Photo from Flickr by Jamie Meares

Subtle aqua lacquer with gold hardware
Farrow and Ball Dix Blue lacquer, Kimberly Ayers' office. Photo by Eric Cahan


  1. I think your bedroom looks beautiful!! I have a thing for darker woods so I love the pieces of furniture the way they are. I'll have to go back and see other rooms in your house.


  2. Can't wait to see what you do with that cute dresser!

    LOVE the wall color ~ what is the shade/brand?

  3. Thanks Amy! I hear you on the darker woods...unfortunately the dresser and the desk are pretty worn down in some areas from over 50 yrs of use so painting will be the easiest/least expensive route for rejuvenating them.

  4. Lovely Little Nest...the wall color Slate by Restoration Hardware :)

  5. The Black and white dresser is a Hickory Chair piece and that particular one is featured by Tobi Fairley.