Normandy and Versailles

As mentioned before, my upcoming vacation will be in France. Our trip begins in Normandy where we will be staying at the gorgeous Château La Chenevière. Built in the 18th century, it was originally a manor house. During WWII, it was occupied by the Germans, then by the US after D-Day. The estate was restored in 1988 and became a hotel-restaurant. It looks very quiet and peaceful.

Stunning, isn't it?

After a few days on the Normandy coast, we will head to Versailles. Our hotel there is called the Trianon Palace and it looks amazing too. Apparently it's just been renovated and based on the photos, the interiors are fabulous!

That tufted settee is perfection...reminds me of this one from Windsor Smith.

The color palette is so fresh without feeling trendy

Gordon Ramsay's restaurant

Such a snazzy banquette

The tile mosaic on the floor looks like it's worth a closer look

Gold chairs + powder blue walls = win

Those pretty beds have funny little reading lights coming out of each side!

This photo makes me really want striped curtains on brass rods.

Don't normally like indoor pools, but this one certainly is photogenic

The stately exterior...

Hopefully we will have days as gorgeous as the ones in these photos! Last time I was there, it was late October and the temps were in the 40s. All of the gardens had been ripped up for the winter so we didn't get to see Versailles in all its glory. So, I'm really looking forward to enjoying a more colorful landscape this time!

 If you have any recommendations for Normandy, Versailles, or Paris, send them my way s'il vous plaît!
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  1. I enjoy the Le Marais area of Paris, just sitting in a cafe watching the world go by, or wandering through the streets & shops imbibing the atmosphere.
    Some of the Chateaux are a little disappointing once inside as many have no furniture. Lost or destroyed in the revolution I presume.
    Enjoy your stay

  2. How lovely! My favorite part about France were the beautiful markets. When we went on vacation, we loved to walk around and take pictures of the food. Hope you enjoy yourself!