House in flux

I'm constantly moving stuff around our house...occasionally this happens as a result of bringing something new into the mix. This was the case with the mirror in our dining room. Et voila...what do you think?

It replaced a gold antique carved mirror and I'm really liking the larger size of the new one. It's from HomeGoods so it was only $200!

So the entry is the gold mirror's new home...

Which means that the botanical print got moved here...

While we're focusing on this area, check out my cool new black and white chevron throw. It's Nate Berkus from HSN! Never thought I'd be an HSN shopper, but the NB stuff lured me in (on the website, I do not watch it on TV). The quality of the throw is really impressive - it's very thick - and it was under $40!

Because I still hate the look of the right side of this room, I'm thinking of ordering the rug below to see if it improves. The current rug is too beige/bland/light. Thoughts?

Anyhow, back to the musical chairs mirrors/art talk. My husband's dad gave us this great mirror made from an old window and I initially thought to use it in the middle guest room, which is where it was put...long ago. You've never seen a photo of this room because it's been faithfully serving as my overgrown junk closet. I finally forced myself clean it out and thereby rediscovered the mirror. Since the color is blue, the executive decision was made to put it in the den. So...."hang giant window mirror" is officially crossed off my to-do list :)

I like how the old wood of the mirror looks next to the modern art.

Don't worry, there's more to this story. Like Phil said of Claire in Modern Family, I can "make lists for days" so the to-dos will never cease :) You'll have to see where Pink Floyd poster ends up. Quite the cliffhanger, eh? Stay tuned for the rest...to be posted on Monday!


  1. Hi Kyle..LOVE the new mirror..works really well in that room...and ties in better with the black and white colour scheme.
    I love the new throw too...BIG GOLD STAR for that purchase.
    I can see what you mean about the right side of the room...although Im not sure if its totally to do with the rug? Although the one you have in mind is stunning...and would definately work...but for me...I keep turning my eye to the botanical print you have hanging about the love sofa...perhaps something round? or artwork...a painting? to break up the collage of black frames you have along that side of the room?...I also think a singular sofa chair might look better in that corner?
    I think the options are endless..but you have a great eye for choosing what works...and great style..Im sure whatever you decide to do is going to look just stunning. x

  2. Some great finds in this post. Love the mirror, the Nate Berkus throw and I say "Go For It!" on the rug! You have a great eye!

  3. Hi - I love the mirror!!! I'm off to Home Goods....now!!! It's really glamorous.
    I like the rug that you've chosen, too.
    Who knew about HSN- i'll be stopping by there too, today. You have great taste & style...happy friday! Heather

  4. You have a beautiful home. That rug is amazing.

  5. LOVE the new mirror- very glam! Homegoods is the best- one of my all-time faves- I'm ALWAYS there! My hubby just doesn't understand! :-)

  6. i think the rug you want to order will look great on the right side of the room.

    you're house & blog are SO great!

  7. Hey kyle! I have the nate berkus throw as well- I saw it in a feature where he re-did his sister's NYC apt. Looks equally as glam in your home! I was totally surprised by the quality.. go HSN! Your house looks gorgeous!

  8. Hi Kyle, I jusst found your blog via Casa Brasi and I love your new mirror. It looks great and a great price! You have a lovely home and I am looking forward to seeing more of it! xx