Dog Bed Round-Up

Random, glaringly out of place items in a room - such as kids toys, electronics, or a ratty old dog bed - are major style killers. Toys and electronics can (and should) be put away, but your dog's bed usually stays in plain sight. Because of this factor, coordinating the color/fabric of the bed with your home decor helps maintain a put-together look. Luckily, it's easy to up the ante in the aesthetics department since dog beds are made in tons of cute styles these days. I need to follow my own advice and get new ones for our three pups...after the wear-and-tear of many foster dogs, ours have seen better days and are becoming an eyesore! I've been on the hunt for a while now and here are some that have gotten my attention along the way...

Crypton has great fabrics and their claim to fame is durability.

Frontgate has lots of good ones including this one that fills with water so your pup stays cool as well as the colorful printed ones below.

For the little dogs (and cats too), the Sleepypod is awesome.

Molly Mutt created the fabulous concept of the duvet + Stuff Sack. You can fill a Stuff Sack full of old clothes, bedding, towels, and then wrap it up all nice and pretty with a washable duvet. I could fill one purely with the polyfill that my dogs pull out of their toys!

Wood Cuff Bed - Jack's Cabana on Etsy
For the swanky canine who enjoys yachting, polo, and summering in the south of France.

Nesting Bed - FetchDog
Our Jack Russells burrow under covers, so I'm sure they would love to crawl into this furry little sack! I'd get the ivory colored one.

Cozy Cave - Fetch Dog
This one doesn't have a snazzy fabric, but the Knight dogs have one because of the aforementioned burrowing behavior, and they love it. It's like a giant pita pocket :)

Fleur Bed - Etsy
I'm loving the color palette of this one.

A little bit over-the-top, perhaps.

K-9 Keep Cool Mat - Humane Society
Great for dogs who stay outside on hot summer days.

Custom Canvas Bed - Bow Wow Pet Beds on Etsy

Best Pet Bed EVER - Come. Sit. Stay on Taigan
Made in America and fully washable, these simple beds look neat (and comfy too).

Moe and Brucie Duvets - Murphy & Gert on Etsy
Such darling fabrics...I'm 99% sure they are IKEA

Sorry if you're not a dog parent and this post is completely useless to you...if that's the case, just forward it to a dog-owning friend :)


  1. i totally needed a dog bed round up. thank you!! i'm off to shop. ;)

  2. thank you so much for including us in your round up!!

  3. Those are so great! I have been needing a dog bed for awhile now.

  4. I like! I desperately want cute dog beds, but I keep thinking about how many I've thrown away and can't pay a little more! I want cute ones SO badly! Thanks

  5. Thanks! I have been looking for a cute dog bed for awhile! I just ordered the one you pictured from Murphy and Gert. So adorable.

  6. BBS - so glad to hear that you got one from Murphy and Gert! They have darling stuff and they support their local Lab rescue association :)