It's Good to be King

At least it was good to be the king who got to live at Versailles....that is, before all of the monarchs got overthrown and beheaded! Versailles is a beautiful palace that shows what a monarchy can create when given unchecked control of a country's purse strings. After absorbing the sheer magnitude and utter luxury that abounds there, you begin to understand why the French Revolution occurred.

Unfortunately, the famous fountains weren't running while we were there (apparently they are only on during the weekends in the spring), so we didn't get to see the grounds in all their glory. Nonetheless, the whole place is absolutely amazing and gorgeous. Cheers to the vision of the architects and artisans that created this masterpiece and also to those who have worked to restore and maintain the grounds and buildings over the years. It really is wonderful to be able to enjoy Versailles now, despite the tumultuous circumstances that its creation once caused. Anyhow, here are some shots taken during our visit...

Grand Trianon...marble checkerboard floors never looked better.

Room in the Grand Trianon. I was drooling over those green curtains!

I adore this period of French architecture. Since the palace and its grounds were originally built with no expense spared, the details and craftsmanship are apparent in every facet of the structures. These were taken at the Petite Trianon:

I loved the color of these doors paired with the limestone walls and marble floors...

The trim work in this room is exquisite. I'd die to have those wood floors too!

 My favorite little building at the Petite Trianon.

Amazing garden. In my humble opinion, French gardens are the best...the symmetry and precision is so impressive.

One of my favorite elements of French gardens is the topiary. I love that they are playful, yet orderly.

Best tree trimmers in the world must work at Versailles!
 A very royal gate..

Main ch√Ęteau...and my husband

Hall of Mirrors...oh how I would love to have a room full of chandeliers!

Camera stand-off between my mom and husband at the Grand Trianon. At this point in the day, I think we were all ready for some wine :)

If you're planning a visit, be sure to allocate at least a full day for Versailles because it is a sprawling estate...also, don't forget to wear comfortable shoes because you'll be doing lots of walking!


  1. This entry makes me happy! The pictures are gorgeous.. did you ride the bikes out to the hamlet? So much fun!!!

  2. How beautiful, I dream of visiting France and most definately Versailles! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos! xx

  3. So very beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I wish I was in France, today!!!

  4. Aspiring Kennedy - we did not ride bikes...mainly because we are lazy but also because we were lugging around heavy/awkward cameras :)

  5. Hi

    I'd love to use the picture at the top in a book of poems I'm pulling together for friends and family (not for sale). Could I possibly? I'd be very grateful...

    Thanks in advance Jon

    1. Hi Jon, if the book is not for sale, please feel free to use it! And thanks for asking :)

  6. Thank you, so much. I wouldn't dream of doing otherwise!

    If I'm ever lucky enough generate interest in publishing the book for sale, I'll be back in touch. I'll also make sure that you are identified as the copyright holder of the pic, as the book will be deposited with the British Library (for copyright protection - such is my vanity!). I'm paying myself for this short run to be published first for my family/friends - to get their reactions, but I will be pushing the poems alongside it.

    Thanks again.