Online Antiquing

I love antiques and can spend hours looking at them. As with most shopping adventures, antiquing is always more successful if you're not looking for something specific...because when you actually need something, it's nowhere to be found, right? Browsing antique malls and shops requires the luxury of time and often gets pushed to the back-burner when there are immediate decor needs to be fulfilled (i.e. finding a perfectly-sized buffet for your dining room). If you have the means, 1st Dibs is the solution for this predicament because it combines the thrill of antiquing with the convenience and efficiency of online shopping.

Despite the fact that their inventory is pretty pricey on average, 1st Dibs is a fantastic resource. The site allows you to search thousands of listings, see item dimensions and history, sort by price, and get in touch with dealers all over the world.  Even if you can't afford to buy, it's still fun to look, gather inspiration, and learn what constitutes a quality vintage piece. I love to cruise the new listings on a weekly basis and dream of actually buying something one day. Below is an assortment of things I'd like to call my own...any favorites among the bunch?


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  1. Your finds are fabulous, Kyle! That polished dresser is to die for!!