Original Art

Having original art on the walls makes a huge difference in the look and feel of a home. With the term "original art," I loosely mean that the artist has actually touched the piece. It could be a painting or an etching - the determining factor is that it isn't mass produced (i.e. a giclée, poster, etc). There's a certain richness and integrity that an original work carries...and that a reproduction is glaringly devoid of. Anything hung on the walls can infuse mood and color, but real art can seriously elevate the character and sophistication level of a space.

These days, I think that many people a) undervalue the power of art and b) have the misconceived notion that art is unattainable for the average person. The art industry has helped create that myth. There are plenty of snooty galleries and self-important artists out there that fuel the aura of elitism associated with art. These factors drive too many people to buy junk with only the goal of covering wall space in mind.

The reality is that there are lots of VERY talented artists out there creating beautiful, thought-provoking pieces everyday and are willing to sell them at very affordable prices. The Internet age has blessed them (and us) with lots of new outlets for sharing their work with the world.

For a young artist, an online gallery provides the opportunity to show their work to a huge pool of potential buyers. This forum catalyzes sales thereby allowing them to pay bills, buy art supplies, and spend more time focusing on their craft. The newbie buyer gets the chance to see a huge range of media, styles, and techniques. In this no-pressure "gallery," it's easy to start acquiring quality, original art in a palatable price range. The rise of e-galleries effectively connects developing artists and budding "collectors" - allowing both parties to live with art.

One day I hope to have a home full of great artwork. I'm thinking that sites like Ugallery, Art Quiver, Zatista, Etsy will definitely help me reach that goal. They give all of us - even those with limited funds, time, and/or access to galleries - an effortless way to buy original works and I'm excited to have them as resources.

If you've ever bought original art online, please give me the details in the comment area! I'd love to hear about your favorite sources and even see links to pieces that have caught your eye. Here's a sampling of my random picks...

Wild Bee Garden - Acrylic on board

Untitled - Watercolor

Ooh La Black - Screenprint
*Not from an online gallery, but Nama Rococo def qualifies as an art source!

Treeline (Remington) - oil on canvas

Architectonic - mixed media

Night in Color - oil on canvas


  1. I love checking out art on dailypainters.com - an online gallery. You see such a huge selection of paintings and a lot of times they have the artist's blog listed. I have found some reasonably priced original artwork here! Great post! Just found you...I will be following!

  2. Hi KSK!

    Thanks for the love - we are happy to see you are enjoying our site and artwork!

    Thought I'd share that a couple of the artists you featured will be releasing limited edition, sustainable prints via our new sister site Paperwork (paperwork.ugallery.com) in the next month or so. The prints start at $20, and we hope PW will help get art into more peoples' hands.

    Please do check out the site and tell me what you think!