Wallpaper on Furniture, yea or nay?

Although I don't have any wallpaper in my house, I adore it. There are so many cool styles and patterns to choose from and I kind of want in on the fun. I've been toying with the idea of trying it in our entry, but haven't found one perfect enough for the space to propel me into action. Still on the hunt...so feel free to send me your ideas!

I get the BHG e-newsletters, and noticed a link to a slideshow called "Projects Using a Roll of Wallpaper" in my latest one. The idea of dipping my toe into the wallpaper world through a small project was appealing, so I clicked through. Some of the ideas weren't my cup of tea, but one that resonated was a wallpaper covered furniture...they specifically showed a headboard and a dresser. This trick could be a great way to jazz up an old piece of furniture that needs a facelift or a new one that needs a dose of personality. 

Take for example this IKEA bed and dresser, which are under $200 a piece. 

With some strategically placed wallpaper (probably on the inset panels), both pieces would get a lot more interesting!

bamboo wallpaper - Jonathan Adler

Lacework by Amy Butler - Graham and Brown

Chrysanthemum - Graham and Brown

Birdcage - Graham and Brown

What do you think of the idea? Ever tried it? Ever seen it?


  1. I think it would depend on getting everything to lay flat!

  2. YAY! I have a credenza I bought from Salvation Army for $40 that will need some major cover up. What better way?

  3. hmmm... that's tough! Fabric... yes! Wallpaper... maybe for a kids room??

  4. Haven't tried it but think it sounds like a great idea!

  5. I've used fabric, wrapping paper and scrapbook paper to jazz up furniture and kitchen cabinets. Never wallpaper, but that's only because it's harder to get, especially in a small quantity. I think it'd look great on the ikea pieces!

  6. i've seen it- and i like it! (when done well...) and i love graham & brown.

    someday this girl is going to have some in a beautiful house... somewhere. :)

  7. Very interesting! If you try it, be sure to report back. :)