Summer Nights

Thank goodness fall is around the corner...I'm ready for the temperature to drop to a reasonable level in the evening. I'm fine with hot weather during the day but am not a fan of muggy nights! As it cools down, I'll be able to sit out here without sweating bullets.

As you can see, I still haven't found a rug or something for the wall. I'm considering getting a Fab Habitat rug. Not surprisingly, I am particularly fond of the Athens style. I'm a little worried about the area getting too dark/black, but luckily this rug is reversible so I could possibly use the white side.
The Istanbul style could work too since the aqua color ties in with the pillows and the tan ties in with the wall color and the flagstone.

The Venice style is cute too, however, I'm afraid it would be too matchy-matchy with the pillows.
 Any thoughts on the matter? Let me know if you have other ideas!


  1. Weird,I was just looking at the greek key one last night. I really dig it!

  2. Hey Kyle,
    I spotted the fab habitat rugs, too, and loved their selection so I ordered 3 of them for my wedding. I ended up using them at a picnic and they were great. My only complaint is that they are somewhat plastic-y and flimsy. The pattern isn't as solid as it looks in the pics, either. I don't want to deter you from buying- since they are so reasonable, but you can't really tell the quality by the photos. Hope this helps!

  3. You actually have a couple of nice reproduction pieces that I saw in your posting on LaVida. My husband and I have decided show some of our collection. Maybe you could give some input.

  4. I like the blue Dhurrie rug from Nate Berkus' line for HSN: http://home-decor.hsn.com/nate-berkus-dhurrie-rug-with-3-fringe-5-x-8_p-5840858_xp.aspx?ocm=hd|hd0001|5936&cm_re=

    The 5x8 is only $230, but you may want the fringe removed if you're hanging it. I'm giving away his book on my blog this week, but that's not why I posted it. :)

    Also check out the big World Market store at 635/Alpha - they've got tons of indoor/outdoor rugs and not all are Eat Pray Love set leftovers.

  5. Just found your blog this week and I love it! You have such great resources and these rugs are one of them. I have been looking for a rug for my porch and these are perfect!
    I like the Athens rug in your space(nice that it is reversible)because it keeps everything nice and crisp with black and white. Either way, they are all great choices.

  6. The third one is my pick! Adds another element and an international vibe for the outdoors. Great color too. Your home looks fantastic!

  7. I like the dark one. It may perhaps hide the dirt, and it looks as if it will ground the space as well.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  8. where are your pillows from? i love them!