Happy Chic

Have you heard that my beloved Jonathan Adler is selling his wares on HSN now?? The line is called Happy Chic and according to the man himself, "It’s about making design that is unimpeachably chic and beautiful but that has an element of levity and that makes you feel good." I like that attitude and of course I love his bold, funky designs. JA's Happy Chic makes a great addition to HSN's growing collection of esteemed brands like Colin Cowie, Nate Berkus, and Peacock Alley. I've only ordered one thing from HSN (a chevron-patterned Nate Berkus throw), but I was definitely impressed with the product so it won't be my last purchase from there.

The Happy Chic price point is lower than JA's normal goods which makes some of the items in the collection great for gifting (I hate to say it, but Christmas is around the corner). Here are some of the things I liked best...

These are so freaking fun...I'd love to get a few sets and use one at each place setting at the table.

Design books are among my needless necessities and shockingly, I don't have a single one by my dear Jonathan. Gotta fix that problem!

This is a fabulous, versatile lamp. I love the white-on-white look, but you could also add trim to the shade or infuse some color/print with a different shade all together.

Always a whore for blankets, this one is cute and reversible. You can get it in Navy or Black.

Has anyone smelled the fragrance yet? Not really sure what "Ozone Breeze" means, but it sounds fresh. I like my diffusers to smell like clean laundry so I'm hoping for that!

Will you be buying anything from Happy Chic?


  1. I just bought that Greek Key throw a couple of days ago. I hope it's as nice in person.

  2. Kyle - I saw these online today -- awesome pieces by Jonathon!! And, affordable too.

  3. I stayed up half the night watching him and Colin. He was a bit annoying to watch and hear, but his throw caught my attention and I went for it. I bought it in black and it comes in next week.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting
    Twitter: MrGWHunting

  4. I got the black Greek key throw yesterday and I can't wait until it arrives! I also like the bud vases and diffusers.

  5. Wow, very cool and unique post!love the white lamp..perfect for relaxing and airy bedroom.White is heavenly to me.Gorgeous.

  6. I saw him on HSN the other night. I was just flipping through and saw him sitting on the sofa with all of these fabulous vases in front of him! I thought these products were wonderful. Good design is affordable!

  7. My navy blue one came yesterday & it is perfect! Such high quality. Thanks, Kyle :)