Scoping out Schoos

Yesterday I mentioned Thomas Schoos and his design collaboration with Arzu. I wasn't previously familiar with his work, so I spent some time looking through the portfolio on the Schoos Design website. Lots of interesting spaces...his oeuvre includes residential (interior and landscape design) and commercial (maximalist hospitality design) projects. These are the ones I liked best...

All images via Schoos Design

Your thoughts? Any favorite spaces or elements? 

I'm pretty obsessed with the outdoor spaces! I also really like how the ceramic garden stools are tucked under waterfall tables in the bedroom with the starburst mirror...such a good idea.


  1. I like the garden stools too...and crazy about that mirror bed, with the balcony right off the room!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. A couple of the outdoor spaces are nice, but overall I'm not a big fan of his work. I do like that bedroom though with the wallpaper.

  3. I think the dynamic photography really does these shots justice. I dig the sheer moxie of the butterfly salon and the massive four poster-engulfed bedroom. I also really like the first console vignette and the final outdoor space.
    Have a great weekend, Alcira


  4. The bedroom with the balcony is divine~!

  5. The bedrooms are beautiful! Love the wallpaper.