Fireplace Screens

I've gotten lots of emails and comments about where our fireplace screen was purchased. Unfortunately, it was a one-off vintage find on Ebay so I can't point straight to the source.

The other unfortunate thing is that there aren't tons of stylish fireplace screens out there. I looked all over the place and found a select few that I think are pretty neat looking. Keep in mind that you can paint them if you want. I'm guessing that using a high-heat spray paint would be the best option. Anyhow, here are my picks:

1) Orb Fireplace Screen - ShopTen 25
2) Pyra Fire Screen - Neiman Marcus (or Horchow)
3) Geometric Fireplace Screen - JC Penney
4) Alton Pewter Fireplace Screen - Crate and Barrel
5) Marin Fireplace Screen - JC Penney

Do you have any good sources for fireplace screens? If so, please share them in the comment area!


  1. Thanks for even more options! I found a couple of nice ones at Plow and Hearth as well (Not all of them, just a few :) ). And the one you recommended from Shop Ten 25 led me to some of the big lighting websites which have screens, too. Who knew?!

  2. Great finds! You post the best stuff, thanks for sharing! I actually really like the JC Penny ones....

  3. Thank you! I love yours. I have #4. but i think i like 2 and 3 for my living room. I am blessed with three fireplaces downstairs in my house,...maybe i should just do them all of the same?? I don't know, but I love 2 and 3 . thanks for sharing this. xxoo

  4. Heather - wow, that is a lot of fireplaces! I love 2 and 3 too...they look similar in style, so maybe you could do a mix. Would you change the finish on one of them?

  5. Thanks for the ideas! I've been looking for a chic fireplace screen!

  6. Love the fireplace screens!

  7. There is a local guy here in Dallas that can custom make fireplace screens and he is really good fair in his pricing. My husband and I have used him before for several things. His name is Chris Alvarado and his phone number is (469) 878-4450. You can also send him pictures of what you have in mind ... his email is info@alwaysbiltrite.com.

    Hope this is helpful!

  8. there are no fireplace screen at JC penney...no matches found on either...i adore these...where oh where can i find them?