Queen Mary

The heliport we left from to go to Catalina was right near the Queen Mary, which the city of Long Beach purchased in 1967, dry docked at the port, and turned into a hotel. Since we've never been on a cruise ship, we figured we'd check out this historical vessel. I learned lots of facts about the Queen Mary such as its important role during WWII. It was also interesting to read about the different amenities that came along with the three different classes of passengers. Anyhow, it was neat to walk through and see the architecture and art deco interiors (and also how well the construction has stood the test of time), but I wouldn't make a special trip back.  Here's a quick photo tour...


I was all about the orange smokestacks.

Nautical instruments are so cool...
Submarine...have no info on why/if it's important :)


Ballroom...lots of burled walnut and art deco touches.

I LOVED these weathered gray wood decks. Great inspiration for an interior hardwood finish.

Mission control...looks like it saw various stages of updating.

Really cool chest for flags.

I think this was where the captain shacked up.


Princess Buttercup

Final posting about my LA home decor shopping binge...last but not least, is H.D. Buttercup. A HUGE "furniture marketplace" with an ever-changing mix of anything your heart could desire. Great pricing and seriously unbeatable selection...you could easily stock a whole house with only their goods. We got there pretty close to closing time, so I tried to hurry through and see everything. We were graciously greeted and helped by George, a guy who definitely knows his stuff.

Since I sadly can't stop by their space on a regular basis, I'll be keeping tabs via their blog. Here are some pics of my favorite pieces from our visit:

Fun chairs!

Reminds me of playing Battleship with my brother when we were little...

Love this as a low sofa table and it would also make for a great place to put a TV (even though I hate exposed electronics...but if you have to do it, better to do it with a neat piece of furniture).

Little side table, kinda looks like an oil rig :)

Beautiful shell chest

The world is not flat...

The chairs I want for our office

TONS of great lighting, especially in the industrial style

I am infatuated with this sofa, and it's well-priced at $1855.
Tufting and thoughtful use of nailheads...doesn't get much better.

 Contrasting piping also trips my trigger.

Pretty globe chandeliers

Darling little slipper chairs (piping again, of course)...love that the front legs are on casters. Must admit though, I actually hate sitting in chairs with no arms.

Nice headboards, I'm guessing you can get one in just about any style/fabric/color/etc.

Lots of great vintage finds like this old drugstore sign and stool.

Your house needs jewelry too.

  I adore this and think it might be the missing ingredient from our living room.

How cool is this?!? Stylish and functional. I'd probably fully freakshow-out on it and organize my magazines in the drawers alphabetically.

Manly side table.

The Twenty Gauge section has awesome vintage American steel furniture. 

Change the fabric and you'd have yourself a sweet lucite chair!


Finally, the chandelier is up!

In our master bedroom, the chandelier purchased at Round Top in October has been hung. The rug is the next thing to change in here...this one from Jonathan Adler is hopefully going to finish the room off.


Who doesn't love Room Service?

One of my favorite indulgences at a hotel is ordering room service breakfast. I love the over-the-top touches like fancy pressed butter and tiny jellies that I would never have at my own house. The Room Service store in LA is another indulgent experience...full of fabulous things you might not have at your own house. Their stuff is fun, decadent, and cool. It's the kind of place where you can buy just a few things and instantly add style to a room.

They seem to worship the gods of nailheads and tufting like I do :)



These kind of case goods can make a room.



I adore their upholstered beds.

How cool is this curved sofa?? It's very Mad Men.

Stylish sectional complete with nailhead trim and white lacquer feet!

Windsor Smith pillows

Nailheads even on that little chest!