Friday Finds

Here are a few odds and ends that you should know about...because I think they are cool. Good reason, right?

Bond Lamp - Jonathan Adler

Fouta Towels - Horchow

*Sorry about the "click image to zoom" button in the middle of the product images. The silly Horchow web designers need to refrain from putting it there. Such a bad idea!

Greek Key Ribbon - M&J Trimming

I want to get this Luggage Rack and put the ribbon above on the straps.

How cute would this pillow combo be? Red Bird - CB2 and Zig Zag - Etsy

Guest Towel - The Picket Fence
Towels for our powder bath have been on my watch list for the longest time...I think these are what I've been looking for!

Hope you've enjoyed this retail scouting report. Any favorites?
Have a good weekend!


Encouraging Signs from the Yard

I'm happy to report that the rose bushes I bought a few months ago have not perished under my care. In fact, they are flourishing! Maybe I don't have a black thumb after all :) Truth be told, some other plants around here haven't fared as well, but let's not talk about those. Just focus on these pretty blooms:

This is probably not big news for you, but I'm happy to see signs that my gardening abilities are improving and that all of the hard work and money spent at the nursery hasn't gone to waste. It gives me the confidence to move on to the next challenge I've been wanting to tackle...a vegetable garden.

Also, I have to celebrate this minor victory now before the triple digit August temperatures wreak havoc on the yard as a whole. The hot weather has already plagued our hydrangeas and is starting to brown the dogwood tree on the left side of the house. Oh well, I'll take hot pool weather over the snow we had in February!


Click 'n Paint

There is only one bedroom in the house that has yet to be painted since we moved in a year ago. Tonight that will change and its walls will transform from beige to a deep peacock blue. Crown molding will be installed as well, but that won't happen until my husband can assist since he is the trim guru.

Here's how the room currently looks:

I really wanted to use a dark blue but wasn't sure if a deep tone would work in such a small room. So, before buying the paint, I played around with Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer 3.0 (the paint I got is not BM...it's Behr, but their "Paint Your Place" application wasn't working very well). 

Depending on the photo you upload, the Color Viewer takes some maneuvering. Once you learn how to set the paint areas, it's smooth sailing from there. The fun part is clicking through the paint chips and testing any or all of them without getting a brush dirty. Ultimately, the tool confirmed my inclination to use blue, but it was nice to see how different shades would look in the space.

The color I chose - Behr Restless Sea UL230-23

Here's a simulation of the paint in action. I'll report back with the actual "after" photo!

The two images below served as inspiration. I fell in love with this wall color in the Austin boutique, Mercury and have been dying to use it.

A similar shade was put to work in West Elm's catalog. They used a color from their Benjamin Moore collection, ben. It's called Newburg Green.


Covered Patio Update

A few things around the house changed over the weekend, including the covered patio in our backyard. For starters, I took down the ugly fan and hung a new light. Although my heart was set on Circa's Hicks Pendant, my budget was more in line with the 20" Foto Pendant Lamp from IKEA. It was only $30 and I'm really happy with the way it looks.

Also, the new cushions for the sofa arrived. I got them from Ballard Designs and I'm happy to report that the quality is great...they are super comfy too. I love the white cording and think the black will look much better than paw-print-covered ivory :)

Finally, I got the cute little palm tree for the corner. I thought the area could use a little more green. Hopefully I can keep it alive!

As usual, the to-do list for the space is ongoing. Besides getting an old chalkboard for the wall behind the sofa, I still want to install a beadboard ceiling and paint it blue. I found this tutorial, so my husband and I might attempt the project on our own. I'm also considering an outdoor rug...what do you think?


Z Gallerie is Bringing its A-Game

Just when I thought I didn't have anything blog-worthy to report on this Friday afternoon...Z Gallerie comes through with these awesome throws. I am very fond of blankets/throws. Like pillows, they are a great way to add pizzazz to a boring sofa, chair, or bed - the price is right at about $70 too. Go get yourself one!

That is all. I promise to bring more exciting business next week. For now, have a fantastic weekend!


The next great fabric designer...is it you?

How cute is this mod little nursery? One of my favorite things about it, is the yellow fabric used on the pelmet boxes.
Photo from here

According to their site, "Spoonflower makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs." So, much like Etsy, the site empowers crafty peeps all over the world by giving them the tools to profit from their creative efforts. To me, Spoonflower was a genius idea and I'm completely inspired by the people who launched this business and continue to grow it today. Here's a neat video that explains who they are and how they got started.

To add to the amazingness of Spoonflower...most designs are available in a variety fabrics including quilting weight, organic cotton Sateen, organic cotton knit, upholstery-weight twill, linen-cotton canvas, and cotton lawn. Providing this chameleon-like functionality spectrum is SO clutch...nothing is more frustrating than seeing a gorgeous print that doesn't come in a fabric sturdy enough for upholstery.

I love the idea of creating a custom fabric and it's on my list of things to do in the near future. Until then, I'm busy lovin' everyone else's creations...are you as impressed as I am??

Morocco Peach

Ever used Spoonflower? If you have, I'd love to hear about it (and see a link if possible)!


Wallpaper on Furniture, yea or nay?

Although I don't have any wallpaper in my house, I adore it. There are so many cool styles and patterns to choose from and I kind of want in on the fun. I've been toying with the idea of trying it in our entry, but haven't found one perfect enough for the space to propel me into action. Still on the hunt...so feel free to send me your ideas!

I get the BHG e-newsletters, and noticed a link to a slideshow called "Projects Using a Roll of Wallpaper" in my latest one. The idea of dipping my toe into the wallpaper world through a small project was appealing, so I clicked through. Some of the ideas weren't my cup of tea, but one that resonated was a wallpaper covered furniture...they specifically showed a headboard and a dresser. This trick could be a great way to jazz up an old piece of furniture that needs a facelift or a new one that needs a dose of personality. 

Take for example this IKEA bed and dresser, which are under $200 a piece. 

With some strategically placed wallpaper (probably on the inset panels), both pieces would get a lot more interesting!

bamboo wallpaper - Jonathan Adler

Lacework by Amy Butler - Graham and Brown

Chrysanthemum - Graham and Brown

Birdcage - Graham and Brown

What do you think of the idea? Ever tried it? Ever seen it?