The Big Reveal...at last!

We finally got the molding up in the middle guest bedroom that I painted a while back. The blue has less green than I had originally wanted, but I really like the color as it stands. As you'll see from the photos below, I'm still playing around with lamps, accent tables, and bed placement. Once I get that issue settled, the next task will be getting the walls dressed and I'd like to get a rug. What do you think of it so far?


Chrome lamp - West Elm
Trunk - Pottery Barn
Greek key pillow - Z Gallerie (Summer '09)
White quilt and shams - Peacock Alley
Black Lamp - Arteriors warehouse sale
White pedestal table - HomeGoods


Greg Yale Proves that Lighting is Everything

On 1st Dibs, I recently saw a feature about lighting designer Greg Yale and was completely mesmerized by his work. The Greg Yale Illumination portfolio really illustrates how impactful lighting can be. When executed properly, a lighting design completely sets the tone of a space...you'll see that he has a knack for creating a dreamy and dramatic mood in his projects. He and his team employ some very creative solutions...one of my favorites is the outdoor lamp shown in the first pic below.

Here are a few of his interior projects...

Photography by Rich Faron, George Gruel, Juozas Cernias, and Clay Witt

Quite a stunning body of work, isn't it? Someday, I would love to be able to hire a pro like Greg to design the landscape lighting at our house since we have so many gorgeous trees. But alas, that duty will have to stay on my husband's list for the time being.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Ceramic Bliss

Yesterday, a lovely reader passed on a link to a gorgeous chevron-patterned ginger jar (aka tibor) from Emilia Ceramics. I adore ceramic pieces, so after oogling over the ZigZag Tibor, I proceeded to browse the rest of their merchandise and I found some great stuff. All colorful and unique, these pieces would definitely add a dose personality to a space.

Tibores - I want them all!

They make lamps out of them too...genius.

Other pretty things found on the site...

Capelo Canister - This would fit perfectly in my last bathroom mood board!


I love their planters. I'm always so disappointed by the lackluster styles that I usually see at garden stores, so these are a breath of fresh air. Now I only wish they would make larger ones so I can get some for our front porch!

What do you think? Any favorite pieces or patterns?
Thanks for the link Tori :)


Ode to Chevron

You might have picked up on the fact that I love the chevron motif. It's bold, classic, and fun...plus it looks great in a variety of contexts. Time and time again I've lusted over zig zag goodies, so I figured a whole post dedicated to all things chevron was in order. It's such a happy pattern, don't you think?
Calling Cards - Made by Girl

Chenille Rug ($11!!) - Kohl's

Missoni Towel - Unica Home

Frames - Burke Decor

Cotton Blankets (pillows are available too) - Wildflower

Zigzag Rug - West Elm

Mug - Amazon

Navy Throw Pillow - Frontgate


New Resource - the Khazana

Last Monday I was in Austin and dropped into a store called the Khazana. They had an awesome, eclectic mix of home goods and the prices were fantastic. The sales associate was so helpful and told me about their online warehouse and after checking it out, I'm blown away by the wide range of lines they carry. It's not the most user-friendly site, but the inventory was good enough for me to soldier through it. The Khazana's brick-and-mortar store isn't huge so they don't have everything available for purchase on the floor...but it's certainly worth checking out if you're in Austin because it's filled with gorgeous rugs and cool, one-of-a-kind items from all over the world. Anyhow, I'm excited to have it as a resource and wanted to share it with you! Here is a tiny sampling of what you can find in the online warehouse...the selection is unbelievably varied:


Friday Eye Candy from Sloan Mauran ID

Who wants to gaze at some beautifully designed spaces? I bet you do. Since your wish is my command, today I bring you some selections from the portfolio of Sloan Mauran Interior Design. Sloan is an ├╝ber-talented Canadian designer. I am a big fan of her classic, yet modern aesthetic...it's simple, beautiful, and timeless. The following are my favorite selections from her online portfolio.

Since there is a chalkboard and bulletin board on the wall, I'd like to know if this is a breakfast room or a formal dining area. I especially love the library ladder, the round table, and the chandelier!

Such a perfect patio...I would die for the enormous banquette and the pair of black chairs.

This is the kind of room that shows you how powerful a stunning piece of art can be.

I adore the "centerpieces" and how runners were used in lieu of placemats or a tablecloth.

We all need a little bit of marble checkerboard flooring in our lives, don't you think?

I'm usually all about pattern, but this living area doesn't include any and I still love it. It's straightforward, yet still interesting.

Hope you've enjoyed Sloan's work.
Have a wonderful weekend!