Beyond Showroom Success

I've been in Colorado over the past few days with some friends. I just discovered that one of my friends knows Holly Hunt's son and we got to talking about her and the amazing business she has built over the past few decades. Holly Hunt owns and operates multi-line showrooms in six U.S. cities and her collections are represented in ten additional cities. Holly started out in a small showroom in Chicago's Merchandise Mart and offered top luxury designer collections. 

The present day Holly Hunt Showroom in Chicago 

She has since grown that small business into an empire of stunning showrooms and now produces her own sophisticated lines of furniture, textiles, leathers, rugs, and lighting. In fact, you'll find Holly Hunt products sprinkled throughout all of the major shelter magazines. She is a visionary that has brought together talented artists and designers has truly curated a comprehensive selection of their finest works. As a result, the HH Collection and all of the other lines such as the Beyond Border rug collection, are teaming with innovative, modern designs. The quality is also outstanding and Holly takes pride in the fact that ninety-five percent of their product is made by American craftsmen.

To give you an idea of the general aesthetic of the brand, here is a sampling of items that can be sourced through Holly Hunt:

Siren Dining Chair

Mitik Commode, Moiste Chair

Galion Console, Hussard Sconce

Aileron Lounge Chair

St. Barts Ile de Re Lounge Chair
Christian Liaigre Manuscript Cabinet

Christian Liaigre Basse Terre Sofa

Christian Liaigre Galion Console

Christian Liaigre Zanzibar Bed

Lighting designed by Alison Berger

Word Pendant
 Gorgeous, tough textiles that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Here is Holly in her Chicago showroom.

Holly Hunt's story is very inspiring and a more detailed account is provided on the HH website. It's definitely worth a read. 

While the overall aesthetic is more modern than I usually go for, I love everything shown above...especially the Alison Berger lighting and the Zanzibar bed!


  1. Love everything? Want that sofa!,,,,

  2. I used Holly Hunt's fabrics a ton in my projects, I love them -- they are so lush and polished. The lighting by Alison Berger is really amazing, even more so in person!



  3. i am a big holly hunt fan. love the chairs especially. i consider this to be pretty modern, no?

  4. Love the pendants, the attention to detail is wonderful.

  5. Love that you featured her showroom! I was just in the showroom in NY and love what she has featured in the D&D right now….I love photographing for designers that shop with HH - so clean and interesting!
    Cheers - Meghan bob Photography