Fabric Combo

Just returned from a round of fabric shopping for a new client and I pulled some great samples. In her living room, I'm trying to get a cool-toned grey linen Bergere chair to play nice with a warm-toned tan sofa. So I was hunting for fabrics that would marry the two tonal families and bring in some other colors as well.

At Schumacher I was tickled pink to see some of their new fabrics including, one called Maya Ikat Print that might actually work for the project. I've been playing around with it and like it with two Lee Jofa Groundworks fabrics and a Blithfield print called Wicklewood:

Here's a photo of my samples as well...

What do you think of the mélange? Since there is still not much color, we'll have to rely on artwork and or a rug make things more interesting if these end up making the cut. Will keep you posted!


  1. I think its beautiful! I love how settle the colors are and how bold the fabrics are!

  2. i work at schumacher-- love the new ikat!


  3. I think you have chosen a beautiful combo! Great job marrying the cool and warm colors as well as some interesting patterns - nice!