Lamps to Love

I have a hard-core obsession with lighting, especially lamps. Table lamps are an essential element to almost every room in the house since they provide forgiving, low-level light and can be a game-changer in terms of aesthetics. Basically, lamps can make a huge difference in how a space looks and feels so it's important to choose wisely. Or you can become a lamp hoarder like me and change the ones in your home constantly (I don't recommend falling down that rabbit hole though).

With thousands of colors and styles out there, it can be hard to narrow down the possibilities. So, I've compiled a list of some of my recent favorites...

1) Prout's Medium Ball Lamp - Jill Rosenwald
3) Turquoise Foo Dog Lamp - Shades of Light
6) Carnaby Talitha Lamp - Jonathan Adler
7) Gabrielle Table Lamp - Z Gallerie
8) Hayley Table Lamp - Crate & Barrel
9) Newport Teardrop Lamp - Jill Rosenwald

10) Jill's Key Lamp - Jill Rosenwald
12) Marrakech Round Lamp - Horchow
13) Tomorrow Table Lamp - Currey & Company
15) Timeless Table Lamp in Blue - Currey & Company
16) Hampton Links Lamp - Jill Rosenwald
17) Hutton Table Lamp - Crate & Barrel
18) Kikar Balestro Lamp - Williams-Sonoma Home
19) Agate Table Lamp with Nightlight - Shades of Light
20) Lydia Gold - Made Goods
21) Glass Jug Lamp - West Elm
22) Modern Spindle Lamp Base - Shades of Light
23) Rock Crystal Lamp - Shades of Light
24) Square Vase Blue and White Lamp - Shades of Light
25) Turquoise Lamp - Dunes & Duchess
26) Miles Lamp - Jan Showers Collection

Unfortunately most couldn't be categorized as bargains. I'm pretty good at finding deals, but it's really tough to get well-made, beautiful lamps at good prices. I've had great luck at HomeGoods where many are under $50. I've also seen some good deals at World Market and sometimes at Target. If you have any sources for more affordable lamps, please share!


  1. WOW, several amazing lamp selections here. Particularly loving #2 and #7, among other. I generally become more obsessed with fixed lighting options, but now that my house is done, I need to progress to lamp options. I'm always challenged by the decision of whether to buy one or two.

  2. What a lamp selection. I especially love all of Jill's lamps. I have the pleasure of watching these get made everyday in our studio and to see something hand made these days is beautiful.

  3. Excellent round-up! I just posted about an affordable and stylish lamp from JCPenney at www.12devonshire.blogspot.com.

  4. Kyle, we are SO on the same page with lamp love. And you've put together such a fab little grouping here.

    The key with table lamps is scale - so many people put teeny lamps on large side tables near large sofas, or huge lamps on their diminutive bedside tables. You've got the proportions right girl! Preach it! :)

  5. omg kyle i feel like i won something!! what a huge and fabulous compliment that you are loving the new lamps. i too am a big dunes and duchess fan..aren't stacy's new pieces amazing? so shiny!! please feel free to come by and visit our studio sometime..it would be so fun.

  6. Jill - I am so L-O-V-I-N-G all of your lamps! They are the perfect blend of fun and sophistication, plus I love that they are handmade. I would love to come by and visit the studio! Erin raves about it and it sounds amazing. Next time I'm in Boston, it's on my list for sure!

  7. my jaw is on the floor. what a stunning selection!!

  8. could anyone recommend their fave FLOOR lamps? I don't have overhead lighting in my living room, and need more than table lamps to illuminate the space. Thanks!!

  9. I know it's a strange place to consider, but Hobby Lobby often has great lamps in a range of styles!