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My plan this weekend is to lay by the pool and catch up on some reading. Besides diving into Starter for Ten, the new David Nicholls book I immediately downloaded after finishing One Day, I need to plow through my pile of magazines. I subscribe to a few old school paper versions and also read some digital mags, and those are the hardest ones for me to keep up with because sitting at the computer any more than I already do is typically not appealing. Nevertheless, there are tons of inspiring tidbits and photos so I'm making a point of going through Lonny, RueTradHome (even though it came out a while back), and House Beautiful
 (I read it on my iPad via Zinio).

I'll usually do a quick flip through when each issue first comes out, but I need to circle back and take a deeper look now. On my first run at the latest issue of Lonny, I LOVED this shot of a New Orleans home they featured, mainly because of the fabulous painting by Aaron Collier...
Via Lonny Magazine, photography by Patrick Cline
Via Lonny Magazine, photography by Patrick Cline

On my first pass at Rue, I liked the color palette running throughout this Mindy Weiss spread...
From May/June issue of Rue Magazine, photography by Elizabeth Messina

From May/June issue of Rue Magazine, photography by Elizabeth Messina

From May/June issue of Rue Magazine, photography by Elizabeth Messina
From video by Floataway Studios

I flipped through House Beautiful on my iPad while working out this week and I loved this kitchen from the latest issue...
Design by Ken Fulk, Via House Beautiful, photography by Francesco Lagnese
Which mags do you read? Any on your agenda for the long weekend?

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe Memorial Weekend!

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  1. I too love the kitchen from House Beautiful...I even showed it to my husband and said "this is my dream kitchen"! Perfection!

    I read alot of magazines (some partly are gifts) ...shelter magazines are my favorite and now with the addition of the on line mags oh my! And lately I am reading a couple books so now my magazines are piling up as well!

    Linda in San Diego