Fabric Love: Thibaut's Marathon

One of my latest fabric obsessions is Thibaut's Marathon, which is a linen and cotton blend from their Avalon collection. It could be construed as an animal print or seen more as a Matisse collage-like pattern. Either way, I love it and think it's super versatile. Since the repeat isn't huge or rigid, Marathon would translate well on all kinds of upholstery and bed linens too. It comes in eight colorways and they are all great hues.

As you can see from Thibaut's images, it's a transitional print that works well in rooms that combine traditional and modern styles....

Here's an ad that shows all of the colorways...

What do you think of the fabric? Is one of the colorways jumping out at you? I love the navyaqua, pink, and orange. I also think the black is really chic. So I pretty much like them all!


  1. I am loving the pink - especially with the green. It looks so fresh and fabulous. :)

  2. I love all of them. I would buy the blue for my home, but I am really liking the orange. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh, these are beautiful!

  4. The navy is my favorite...it would look fabulous wallpapered in a powder room or entry.

  5. Love the navy and the lavender.....