The Island Company

I got back from a family vacation to Grand Cayman last week and wow, I'm playing (and losing) a serious game of catch-up right now! Despite the fallout from being away, I'm glad we went. For the most part, my husband fished and I lounged around, ate, drank, and read Lunch in Paris (and loved it). I also got to do a tiny bit of shopping while I was there.

My favorite discovery was a store called the Island Company. They have a fabulous line of clothing and swimwear along with other miscellaneous merch. I bought a shirtdress in an aqua color that I'm pretty obsessed with. Besides being instantly attracted to their simple, classic clothes, I also loved how their store looked and felt. They captured the spirit of the island lifestyle without getting theme-y and hokey. Here's a shot of one of their stores...

Via IslandVintage.com

Their look is is cool, casual, and a bit colonial. The colonial aspects balance with the beachy ones and the tone is rich and sophisticated. You can achieve this look by working with some signature elements that include:
  • Dark wood floors
  • Crisp white walls (try Ben Moore's Decorators White)
  • Glossy beadboard ceilings
  • Natural fiber rugs (jute, sisal, etc.)
  • White or ivory upholstery
  • Rich wood furniture (should look handmade and a bit exotic)
  • Tropical plants (I saw Fiddle-Leaf Figs all over Cayman, but there are lots of other options)
  • Hand-woven baskets
  • Bold cabana striped pillows

Nesting Baskets - Wisteria
Painterly Blackfin Triggerfish - Williams-Sonoma Home
Architect Table Lamp - Lauren Home by Ralph Lauren
Painted Ceramic Parrot - Williams-Sonoma Home
Samar Rattan Chair - World Market

Here are more photos of their stores:
Via IslandVintage.com
Via IslandVintage.com

Via IslandVintage.com

Via IslandVintage.com

Via IslandVintage.com

My husband and I...and my new dress!

What are your thoughts on the Island Company's decor style? I typically hate beach-themed decor but I really do love their look. It reminds me of India Hicks and her Bahamian properties as seen here:
Via Hibiscus Hill

Although I wouldn't ever go super "island colonial" in my home in Dallas, I would certainly use some of  the elements that go into creating the look...especially the glossy white beadboard ceilings!


  1. First of all you look great in your new turq dress! Props :)

    "Island Colonial" has is't place and it look GREAT in an island setting... duhhhh, but also on the mainland can this style look cool and fresh! Just don't do to many shell-y things and you will be ok!

    Northern Light Blog

  2. Love everything you picked for your design board! I just posted on India Hicks' vacation rentals on Hibiscus Hill yesterday....I'm in love!

  3. Beautiful design board and I love your dress!

  4. Thanks for the kudos! I've spent a lot of time building out the stores to reflect our brand correctly, and I appreciate you posting this!

    And our Wanderer dress looks fantastic on you! Stay in touch and let us know if we can do anything for you!

    Spencer Antle
    Creative Director/Founder

  5. That color is scrumptious on you and I love your recreation of the island look. Terrific post. Thank you. MD