Simple Sofa

I'm not Pottery Barn's biggest fan - mainly due to my lack of satisfaction with our PB outdoor furniture but also due to the fact that most of their merch just isn't my style. However, they send their catalogs to my house and I will flip through pretty much ANY catalog while I pedal the elliptical at the gym so I keep up with their stock.

Among their new releases is the Stewart Sofa and I wanted to share it with you because I think it's a great basic sofa. Starting at $1,400 the price isn't bad and it's made in the USA so I'm going to assume that the quality is pretty good (unlike the aforementioned outdoor furniture).  Anyhow, I like the clean lines, the tufted back cushions, and the solid seat cushion. It's a rather modern style for PB:

On the Pottery Barn site you can see the sofa in a traditional decor setting, so here I wanted to provide a different context to give you an idea of what it could look like in a more modern space...
Cool Breeze Hex Pillow - Shop Ten 25
Tyne Round Cocktail Table - Room & Board
Oil on paper by Aaron Collier - Cole Pratt Gallery

Pottery Barn also has some pretty good looking fabrics now, including these favorite swatches of mine:
Linen, Ivory 
Linen, Oatmeal 
Washed Linen/Cotton, Metal 
Textured Basketweave Metal 
Textured Basketweave Flax 
Washed Linen/Cotton, Stone

Anyhow, if you're in the market for a basic, inexpensive sofa be sure to check out PB's Stewart Sofa because it's very transitional, which is a great attribute for a sofa!


  1. Love seeing the sofa in a new light! I'm with you on PB. We have a few of their pieces in our home, and I always do my best to add some colorful and modern accessories to the piece!!

  2. Like the lines of that sofa...but am really LOVING that painting. Cole Pratt is one of my favorite galleries here (live in NOLA nearby...I'll have to check that artist out!).

    love your blog btw! Hope you don't mind, I posted a link from my new blog to knightmoves!