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Have any of you read the new September/October issue of Lonny yet? I skimmed through it late on Sunday night. I need to go back and actually read through it sometime soon. While I didn't have the time to adequately digest all of the written content, I did take in the visual content and per the usual, the interiors features were my primary focus. The New York home of Christian Leone, a Gilt Groupe exec was my favorite. The space is hip and swanky but also comfortable and the vintage aura feels effortless and authentic. I loved this shot of the living space with its poppy-colored lacquered walls...

Image via Lonny Magazine, photo by Patrick Cline, design by Christian Leone

Image via Lonny Magazine, photo by Patrick Cline, design by Christian Leone
I had the pleasure of meeting Christian a few years ago at a Gilt event. Gilt Groupe was in its infancy at that time and I got to chat at length with the founders and with higher-ups like Christian. Everyone from the company was so friendly and inspiring (they all have incredible resumes), but Christian was truly memorable. He could not have been more charming, fun, and gracious. I also got to meet his wonderful partner Malcolm James Kutner, who is an accomplished designer and was super warm and personable as well (he's a native Texan). Anyhow, after meeting the dynamic duo, it's really cool to see where they live!

Another space from the issue that caught my eye was this powder room designed by David Flint Wood. Can you believe that the "wallpaper" is actually a huge map from SkyMall?!? I love how it's used here with a traditional gilded mirror...so quirky and interesting.
Image via Lonny Magazine, photo by Patrick Cline, design by David Flint Wood

What are your thoughts on the spaces above? 

If you haven't already, check out the latest edition of Lonny and report back with anything that you found inspiring, helpful, or fun!


  1. This latest issue was just bad. Blurry boring cover filled with lots of bordering on bad taste. Some of the past issues have been fantastic, but lately something seems off...

  2. Hi Kyle... While i Can apprciate the colorful, glossy walls, its NOT really my style.... However, the Huge map from SkyMall is fantastic, and something i would dó in a heartbeat!!!!! I did also quickly look throughout the new issue, but have NOT had a chance to really dive in yet!

  3. Gorgeous walls! Loving the bath with the map. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  4. Anon - In all honesty, I have to agree with your take on the issue. I couldn't believe they chose that blurry cover shot!! Something was definitely off!

  5. The photo was a little blurry and I don't love Lonny (I often feel like it is driven by product placement and isn't all that inventive), but India Hicks' home borders on bad taste? Really?! I thought it was rather understated.

  6. Love the colour of the walls.. And that huuuge map gave me an idea for me next project!
    Lisete Reis

  7. Love that map wallpaper..how fun to have your guests mark their travels as they "travel" through your home.

  8. Hi Kyle, I find this issue an eclectic design mixture. I am always open to new ideas. I know I will find some inspiration here. Thank you for sharing.