Dering Hall

Dering Hall is a recently launched site that is sort of like a combination of 1stDibs, One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sales, and Etsy (albeit a high-end version Etsy). It's like 1stDibs in that the merchandise is all super premium, high-end items for the home. It's like OKL's Tastemaker Tag Sales in that they have top designers, architects, and dealers "curate" the offering of buyables. And finally, it's like Etsy in that the marketplace is comprised of individuals that are selling their bespoke creations and unique finds. Each designer has an individual storefront that you can follow along with a profile page that includes portfolio images like these:

Designed by Steven Gambrel

Designed by Tamara Magel

I like Dering Hall's crisp, clean interface and am really excited about the concept. I've already compiled a list of Product Selections and I've chosen a few designers to follow. I was really excited to see Steven Gambrel, Michelle Nussbaumer, and All the Best (Ronda Carman) on there! Ronda has some of the gorgeous Dunes and Duchess line in her product lineup.

The only downside to me is the average price point. Everything is pretty darned expensive, however, I'm sure the quality of craftsmanship is impeccable. So despite the fact that it's not likely that I'll be buying things for myself or for most of my clients, I still really like Dering Hall for the eye candy and inspiration. Here are some of the items I've tagged as favorites...

Have you checked out Dering Hall yet? When you visit be sure to browse the DH Guide and look through the designer directory, which is where you'll find all of the portfolios.

The site is still in its infancy so I'm sure it'll only get better! Hopefully they'll incorporate more lower-priced items, but that may not possible given the caliber of goods they seem to be specializing in.

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  1. Kyle,
    Thanks so much for including Dunes and Duchess in your post! We are so excited to be chosen by Ronda Carman and hope that this spreads the word about Dering Hall and our Made in the USA lamps and candelabras! In fact, I'm going to go make some sconces for a restaurant right now! xoduchy