Down the Blue Willow Rabbit Hole

I officially started my Blue Willow platter collection this past weekend. I bought one at the Urban Market in Houston. I didn't pay much for it and I'm sure to serious collectors it's probably not a notable piece, but I really like it!

I'm a sucker for the Chinoiserie designs and motifs...

Once I've gotten a collection assembled, this is how I'd love to display it...
Image via Gramercy Home

I'd have a similar slim shelving unit built for this back wall in our breakfast area...

Anyhow, while hunting for additional pieces, I'm trying to learn more about the pattern/style and what makes some pieces more valuable than others. Since I can't blow tons of money on this initiative, I'll probably be shallow and stick to well-priced pieces that are pretty...but I'm certainly open to hearing any insight that you might have!

Do you collect anything in particular?


  1. Just gorgeous! I love your plate. Can't wait to see the collection come together. Don't worry what 'serious collectors' think... just get what you like and what speaks to you!

    xo, Emily

  2. my mom collects spode plates and has them arranged over her bed like a headboard!

  3. I agree with what Emily says - always buy what you love. :) That is a beautiful platter with such great detailing! I collect platters also although mine is more of a hodge podge. I really love to use them to entertain so I usually buy one when we travel. I have found so many with vibrant colors and patterns that reflect that culture, and they are something special to me for great memories of our trips. :)

  4. I grew up eating on this pattern! I have a few pieces, but most recently I was thinking of how I could show it off. I'm loving Navy these days and yet I have tons of black, white, cream and taupe in my home. Maybe I need to change out the black and replace with blue. Anyway, GREAT post, I love this. Also, would you tell us where you found those amazing prints? Floral book or something? GORGEOUS. Everything you touch is.

  5. My mom collects blue willow. She has so many pieces... I love blue willow, always will. Have fun with it.

    We collect English tea caddys and small boxes.

    mb from big D.

  6. I really like Blue Willow, but haven't ever collected it. I have a set of dishes, but no more. I collect other blue & white chinoiserie pieces and I do collect brown and cream transferware. That collection of the BW platters is stunning!!