Chic Cement Tiles by Popham Design

I desperately want to get my hands on some tile made by Popham Design. Each cement tile is handmade in Morocco (you must watch the video on how they make them!) and the amazing designs are created by the American couple who founded the company, Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes.

The two have come up with an incredible set of designs and motifs. Upon moving to Morocco in 2006, the former filmmaker and PR exec began sketching new patterns after being inspired by the cement tiles in the courtyard of their 250 year-old Marrakech. The resulting oeuvre is wonderfully current and versatile thanks to the combination of the duo's modern, western perspective and influences from traditional Moroccan architecture.

The designs are grouped into a few collections: Classics + Twists, Scribbles + Loops, Sixes + Sevens, Flora + Fauna, Plain + Shapely, and last but not least, David Hicks by Ashley Hicks. The collections can be commingled and the tiles can be used on nearly any surface, so the world is your oyster in terms of application! Here's a look at the possibilities...

I'm completely smitten with these tiles. What do you think of them? I love that they are bold and dynamic yet still understated thanks to the humble concrete composition and the low luster glaze. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably go with the honeycomb hex or the stripes. What about you?

If you're interested in purchasing, check out the "how to buy" section on the Popham site. Fortunately for us Americans, we can get the tiles (albeit a very limited selection) through Ann Sacks. Custom orders are also a possibility.


  1. Oh wow, I love them..it's like fabric! Im really scared to know how much they cost! I imagine A LOT.

  2. I always have a problem committing to pattern but that honeycomb hex is amazing. I think I could do it in a bathroom or for the patio.

  3. awesome everything. i usually cringe at red, but that red tile is AWESOME


  4. Beautiful tiles! I absolutely love how they look in the blue guest bathroom!

  5. These are gorgeous! What a dream to put some of this tile in the bathroom or really anywhere for that matter!

  6. The tiles are amazing - I especially love the chevron. They would make such a great statement in a foyer or bathroom!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!
    Kris (drivenbydecor.blogspot.com)

  7. The are great tiles, with really vibrant character. My favorite are the black and white hexagonal floor tiles, superb!

  8. My cousin Tracey is design tiles similar to this: http://www.kismettile.com/