Glass that Gives Back

Glassybaby is a Seattle-based purveyor of beautiful hand blown glass votives, called glassybabies, and tumblers, called drinkers. The simple vessels are special because they are handmade in the US and come in a stunning range of brilliant colors but more importantly, they were created by lung cancer survivor Lee Rhodes with the purpose of spreading hope by supporting charities dedicated to health, healing, and quality of life.

Glassybaby goodwill is the foundation and mission of the company. The intention is to honor others who have faced the formidable disease and provide financial assistance for basic needs like bus fare, childcare, or groceries that so many cancer patients need. There are many different charities that Glassybaby supports and since November 2003, the tiny company has donated about $630,000 to those worthy organizations.

I absolutely love these things because of the meaningful sentiments behind each creation and because of their aesthetic value. Candlelight and color are two of my favorite things in life and Glassybaby combines the two. I'm completely entranced by the palette of available colors...I seriously want them ALL! The possibilities for decorating with these are endless...

As you'll see in the following photos, Glassybabies and Drinkers can decorate pretty much any part of your world and can be used for a variety of purposes including pencil cups and vases...

If you like the Glassybaby Facebook page, you'll get to see fun pics like these from people who are showing off their Glassybabies...

On the top of Grand Teton...my husband was up here at the summit this summer :)

 Glassybabies and drinkers make fabulous gifts and the Glassybaby site makes it really easy to buy a set or "Build a Bouquet." If you're the most-wonderful-gifter-in-the-world, then you can give someone a Glassybaby of the Month package. I need a Drinker of the Month package...and I may just buy them for myself after learning that 10% from the sale of each glassybaby drinker is donated to the V.A. Puget Sound to help veterans battling cancer.

Also keep in mind that you can rent glassybabies and drinkers for parties.  If I was getting married now, I'd definitely rent TONS of glassybabies and use a lot less flowers on the tables! And the drinkers would be such fun glassware for any event.

So, are you as in love with Glassybaby as I am? Like I said, I'm going to have to start collecting drinkers :)


  1. I love the concept! And it doesn't hurt that they are so versatile and gorgeous!

  2. I am SUCH a huge fan of glassybaby...gorgeous post, now i think i need some drinkers to hold my colored pencils and markers!

  3. You always find the most interesting things to share with your readers! Love this idea/concept. Thanks!

  4. love this! would like a whole room full of lollypop colored ones!


  5. love.love.love glassbaby! i have several of my own and have given some as gifts. i used to live in seattle and would drop by their store... total eye candy. it takes hours to decide which colors to buy when they're all in front of you and ALL gorgeous. pam