High Gloss Debuts Next Week!

Sorry I've been out of touch this week. High Gloss Magazine is publishing its first issue next Tuesday, so I've had my nose to the grindstone working on that. It's turning out beautifully and I'm really excited to share it. If you haven't already, please subscribe, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter! Here are a few images to give you a sneak peek of the goods we have in store...

Photo by Grey Crawford

Photo by Sarah Winchester

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the support that so many of you have sent my way. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


Palecek Furniture and Accessories

Sorry I left you hanging on Friday, I went to Market so there was no time for blogging. I saw lots of fabulous things (and some pretty brutal things). On the fabulous side, I loved the Palecek showroom and had a great time meeting Andrew, the designer and son of the company's founder, Allan Palecek. Allan was a pilot in the Vietnam War, an experience which introduced him to the handiwork of the artisans in southeast Asia. After the war, he started a basket company and has since grown it into a thriving family business that now produces high-quality furniture, distinctive accessories and decor, and gorgeous textiles.

Andrew took me through the showroom and provided lots of background information on each piece. It was great to gain some contextual knowledge behind the diverse line and to learn about the company's roots and their direction for the future. I am very impressed with their design prowess and also with their dedication to using sustainable materials. Allan, Andrew, and the rest of the Palecek design team are quite adept at using interesting found objects and resources that would otherwise be thrown away (like the inside of a mollusk shells). Anyhow, I think it's a notable resource and wanted to share some images of their goods. As usual, I have my favorites and they are as follows:

They have tons of fabulous chairs, including these Lyon Arm Chairs which show the wide range of finishes that are available.

I LOVE this light fixture...added bonus: it is available in all of the colors shown in the next photo!

This oversized wood sunburst mirror is really stunning.

They have lots designs that incorporate petrified wood, which is one of my favorite materials. Andrew told me that they source theirs out of Siberia...I'm sure harvesting it is a fun process!

This is a petite cane stool that swivels...I think it's such a smart design and the compact size is perfect for many small space situations. It was pretty comfortable too. I made a plea to Andrew about making it in different colors...seriously, how awesome would it be in turquoise?

There's my petrified wood console (as seen behind the sofa in our den)! Also some chic bamboo chairs and a killer inlaid bone tray.

This coffee table was so beautiful and this photo definitely doesn't do it justice. The top is made from Gemelina wood

This set of penshell nesting tables is to die for, isn't it?

This Auburn Lounge Chair is perfectly modern and exotic at the same time.

More pretty penshell accent tables...the rectangular lamp shown on the mini console is also very cool. As is the cane-backed chair on the left.

A great corded-cushion slipper chair topped with a very unique pillow. The white fabric on the pillow is made from remnants of bridal fabric.

Again, this chair is both modern and exotic...and slightly mid-century.

Fantastic oversized basket pendant...this would look awesome against white walls.

Palecek makes some amazing furniture, don't they? Any favorites of the pieces shown above?


MOGUL Spaces + Merch

Mogul is a store in Los Angeles that also offers resdiential and commercial design services. I've been into the store and it's pretty wild. If you're ever in the neighborhood (on Melrose), it's definitely worth stopping by, mainly because it's quite unique. Their merchandise could be described as provocative and extreme...lots of out of the ordinary books and accessories. They have some really amazing custom furniture too. Here are some examples of what they carry:

Seth Iron Table Lamp (this is similar to one that I have in my living room)

It's owned and operated by Thomas Piscitello and Neal Wagner. The duo creates some seriously dramatic spaces...some of which are beautiful and stunning to me, while others just aren't my style. Here are some of my favorites from their portfolio...

Not going to lie...I hate those lights over the island and the barstools, but I am liking the black cabinetry with the thick marble countertops.

This nightclub is an example of their commercial work...

Used in the club design from above, here's some gold tile...and what looks to be gold grout!

What are you thinking...pretty cool or a little out-of-hand?


The Best of the Web: Room & Board

I spend lots of time prowling furniture and decor sites and I definitely have to give props to Room & Board for being one of the best (their brick-and-mortar stores are fabulous too). Anyhow, the Room & Board site is very clean, the navigation is intuitive, and the product images are fantastic. I love that clear photos are available on a large scale and that the different finish/fabric/material choices can be viewed accurately and quickly (many sites do this, but few do it well). I also appreciate how Room & Board usually displays the item in at least one room scene, which makes visualizing the size and scale much easier.

To those unfamiliar with the company, their product line is fairly modern...much of their merchandise emits a polished, mid-century vibe. In fact, they have a whole section called Modern Classics that is filled with iconic pieces from famed designers like Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, and Hans Wegner. To give you an idea of the style of their merchandise, here is a small sampling of some of their newly released items...

I'm LOVING this gray finish

This console has a similar look to the petrified wood console behind the sofa in our den. The top is available in a wide range of materials...I obviously like the white Venatino marble best.

I think a hidden swivel base is a great idea for chairs to be used in room with a TV. I hate it when all of the furniture faces the television, so this allows the chair to be part of a proper conversation area (while also being conducive to TV watching).

This is not one of their new items, but for some odd reason I just like it!

This is also not new to Room & Board, but I wanted to throw it into the mix because it's representative of the Modern Classics they carry (and it's really cool).

A final thing that I love about Room & Board is that most of their merchandise is made in the USA (of course, the chair above is made in Denmark). In any case, I've grown very tired of seeing "made in China" and I think it's important to recognize the retailers who stock their stores with American-made goods.

What do you think of Room & Board? Have any of you ordered things from there?


High Gloss Magazine: Meet the Editors Series

Over the past few weeks, we've been running a "Meet the Editors" series on High Gloss Happenings and today I'm the featured editor! Here are the images from the post, but to get the full story (which explains some of the pics) you'll have to go straight to the source.

I had to complete a Q&A series and there were some tough questions! I had a really hard time deciding on my favorite meal and who I would want to meet. Quite the cliff-hanger, huh? I hope you'll click-through to see my answers!

While we're on the subject...who would you love to meet? In order to narrow down the possibilities, I chose to stick with living people but feel free to share your picks, dead or alive :)


Moonlighting at Chic Modern Vintage

I'm guest blogging today over at Chic Modern Vintage, so be sure to head over there next. I posted all about the lamps in our house...so it's a looong post! I posted photos of my lamps and added a little blurb about where they came from. Here's a small sampling of the pics...

Hope you all had a nice weekend!