ARZU Rug in Action

The ARZU rug that I purchased through a sale at The Foundary was delivered a few days ago. As I've previously wrote about, ARZU is a “for-benefit” corporation that works to promote the success of Afghan women weavers. The delivery date of my rug was ironic because the George W. Bush Institute is hosting a conference in Dallas on advancing human rights and economic opportunity for Afghan women this week.

Anyhow, I'm happy to support ARZU and I just love the rug! Full of rich oranges and blues, the colors are really gorgeous. Here it is in our entry...

Beautiful rug, don't you think? Now I need to get the rest of the room in order. As I've mused before, an oversized full-length mirror would be an ideal addition (it would replace the gold mirror shown above). I'm also toying with the idea of painting the candlestick lamps a super dark peacock blue to add more contrast. Finally, the space needs artwork. I'll probably go with some abstract pieces since the area is looking much more traditional with the new rug.


Your Wish is Granted: Cloisonné Lamps on Sale!

Many of you have emailed me to inquire about sourcing information for the cloisonné lamp that is in my den. Due to the circumstances detailed below, I haven't been able to provide a current source for purchasing the lamp until now! My super talented friend, Kelley Moore (who you might have seen on The Nate Berkus Show), is selling a pair of the lamps on Etsy for a song. These lamps originally retailed for nearly $900 a piece and Kelley is selling the pair for $500!

This cloisonné lamp is one of my favorite items in our house. It's a Jamie Young lamp that I bought almost two years ago from Layla Grayce. It ended up being quite a dramatic purchase. First of all, it look lots of deliberation on my part to spend so much money on one lamp (especially while in the midst of decorating a whole house). Then once I bit the bullet and placed the order, I gathered the patience to wait out the 8-10 week lead time that LG had warned me about. A few weeks after placing the order, I was informed that Jamie Young had stopped making the lamp and it was no longer available. I was crestfallen to say the least...I was in love with the lamp and had to have it. Luckily, the fabulous ladies at Layla Grayce tirelessly tracked down the very last one for me and it now lives in our den happily ever after!

The moral of the story is that there is not a large supply of these cloisonne lamps, so if you love them, then you better quickly snatch up the pair that Kelley is selling!


Flower Power

I adore bold prints and while I usually fall for those of the geometric variety, lately I've been into florals. When it comes to floral prints, a little goes a long way so it's important to temper them with items that aren't fussy. I like to juxtapose bold floral prints with sleek modern elements so that the space doesn't end up being too feminine. There are tons of bright, floral pillows, rugs, and fabrics out there and below I've taken a few to show how florals can be used to add color and interest without looking girly (or granny)!

Williams-Sonoma Home Classic Greek Key Bedding
Dwell Studio Masala Citrine Cases
Jonathan Adler Haines Chair

Carleton V Growing Wild
Jeff Lewis Doheny Pillow
ABC Carpet Color Reform Rug
Pieces Yellow Chrome Bench
Shop Ten 25 Chelsea Ceramic Garden Stool

Urban Outfitters Big Garden Print Rug
Pieces Blue Pottery Lamps
Windsor Smith Home Slim Chaise
Jonathan Adler Channing Buffet
Pieces Hide Slipper Chair
CB2 City Slicker White Tables

Etsy Extra Large Retro Floral Drum Shade Pendant
Room and Board Saarinen Table
Z Gallerie Concerto Dining Chair
Layla Grayce Dwell Studio Draper Stripe Rug

How do you feel about floral prints? Any favorites from above?


Mid-Century Italian Case Goods Lovefest

1st Dibs is a total black hole for me. On a weekly basis I get sucked in by their emails and end up spending way too much time looking at everything from vintage couture to antique rugs. There is so much to discover and all it takes is one click on the New Listings tab and I'll usually find something to obsess over within minutes.

Lately I've been stalking mid-century Italian case goods...specifically ones with mesmerizing herringbone-patterned veneers like these:

Italian Modern Rosewood Sideboard, Dassi

Sylvio Cavatorta Italian Liquor Cabinet Bar

Four-Door Storage Cabinet by Paolo Buffa

Italian Dining Cabinet after Paolo Buffa

The four-door storage cabinet and the freestanding cabinet are my favorites of the bunch and both were designed by accomplished Italian furniture designer, Paolo Buffa. While I can't find a wealth of information about him personally, I have been able to learn more about his work through 1st Dibs. As you'll see by looking through 1st Dibs' stock of Paolo Buffa goods, his design prowess extended beyond case goods. His oeuvre also includes stunning upholstered pieces, mirrors, and lighting. His clean-lined case goods are what grabbed my attention and upon first sight, I swooned over the effect of the herringbone veneers. When combined with rich, traditional rosewood and mahogany, the geometric detail provides a refreshing dose of modernism.

As with most of the things I covet from 1st Dibs, mid-century Italian case goods are a wee bit too pricey for me. But in my mind, high quality antiques are similar to fine art in that you can still love and appreciate them, even if you can't acquire them.

Are you smitten with these pieces like I am or are they not really your style?


Dream Dining Room

Yesterday I gushed about Made Goods and their wonderful wares. I professed my love for the malachite Vivian mirror and today, that mirror is still in my head. I can't stop thinking about how good it would look here, there, everywhere. To appease my need to put it to use, I went ahead and built a mood board around it.  Along with a few worthy accompanists, here is Ms. Vivan in action.

Chandelier, lamps, and malachite mirror - Made Goods
Macassar Ebony Console - 1st Dibs - Sentimento Antiques
Tufted Chairs - Windsor Smith - Shoshana Dining Chair
Dining Table - Jonathan Adler - Nixon Dining Table
Rug - Madeline Weinrib - Black Buche
Besides the fact that it revolves around the Vivian malachite mirror, I call this my dream dining room because most of the pieces in the space are out of my price range. Oh well, it's fun to throw the idea of a budget out the window sometimes, isn't it?

Have a great weekend!


Made Goods Magic

Oh how I am coveting the goodies from Made Goods. This small company produces wonderfully unique products including furniture, lighting, mirrors, and accessories. I am especially smitten with their mirrors...there are tons of amazing styles and many are handcrafted with ultra luxe materials like lapis and malachite. The whole product line is certainly worth ogling over, but to give you a taste of their style, I've picked a few favorites...

This shapely teak table is gorgeous and it's super versatile given the options that are available for the top.
Here are the various options for the top...

Lovely horn and bone stool

Bright bone boxes 
Accent table...stunning combination of materials, don't you think? I love the gold. 

While they only sell to the trade, many retailers carry their exquisite product line. If you're dying for something that you see on the Made Goods site, contact them and I'm sure they can help you find a way to purchase.

If you could have one item from Made Goods which one would you choose? I think mine would have to be the malachite mirror!


Blue Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinetry in kitchens has been popular for quite a few years now. As much as I love the clean, classic look, I'm starting to feel like all of these white kitchens look the same. I'd have the same reaction if fashion designers kept sending white oxford shirts down the runway season after season (even though I love white oxford shirts).

There are a variety of ways to add color and interest to an all white kitchen including easy additions like rugs or bold countertop accessories. For the more daring, however, safe white paint is disregarded and color is brought into the space through richly-hued tile or painted cabinets. Since I'm hungry for a different look, I've been noticing non-white cabinetry lately. And since I'm obsessed with blue, I've really been loving the blue cabinetry I keep seeing. Here are some examples of how many shades of blue can work in a kitchen...

Image via Lonny Magazine

Design by Miles Redd, image via Elle Decor
Jennifer Lopez's home, image via Veranda
Image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

Image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

Image via House to Home
Design by McGill Design Group
Design by McGill Design Group

Design by McGill Design Group

Design by McGill Design Group

Design by Terra Cotta Properties

Design by Terra Cotta Properties

Design by Terra Cotta Properties

Design by Terra Cotta Properties

Image via Design Galleria
Design by Jeffrey Bilhuber
Design by Steven Gambrel

What do you think of blue cabinetry? Would you ever want it in your kitchen?