Inexpensive Rug Options

Rugs can be a daunting purchase to make. When choosing a rug you have to factor in style, color, material, construction, durability, size, and of course, cost. High quality rugs are one of the best investments that you can make in terms of decor because they can literally last for decades. The problem is that premium handmade rugs are usually super expensive and most people can't afford to put one in every room of the house (if any).

So, if your budget calls for an inexpensive rug, then go with a natural fiber rug like sisal, jute, or wool in a non-traditional style. What I mean is that you should completely avoid the cheap, knock-off versions of Oriental/Persian rugs. Nearly all of them are a waste of money and just look tacky...also it's pretty likely that they'll shed like crazy.

Luckily, there are TONS of well-priced "non-traditional" rugs out there these days. Retailers like West Elm and Calypso Home and designers like Jill Rosenwald have been churning out flatweave rugs adorned with punchy geometric prints. Etsy's KilimCom is a great resource for Turkish-made styles. FLOR offers an inventive modular rug system and a wide selection of textures and styles (I'm currently obsessed with the wild and crazy Parallel Reality mix shown below). And finally a caveat to the "natural fiber" recommendation, Brita Sweden offers reversible rugs that are made from soft plastic foil and are produced in Sweden. After having a disappointing experience with an indoor/outdoor polypropylene rug purchased from Frontgate, I'm skeptical of indoor/outdoor rugs (aside from Dash & Albert ones...they are fantastic), but these are supposed to be really good.

Here are some cool, not-too-pricy rugs I've seen lately...
FLOR Parallel Reality

Etsy KilimCom Turkish Kilim Rug
Shades of Light Climbing Modern Vine Hooked Rug
Crate & Barrel Olin Grey-White Rug
DwellStudio Loop Texture Dove Rug

Avalisa Bubble Wool Rug
Brita Sweden Helmi
Brita Sweden Anna

Brita Sweden Alma
Etsy KilimCom New Turkish Kilim
Overstock Indo Kilim Ivory/ Navy Rug

What is your rug situation like? Have you ever splurged on a luxe rug or have you focused on finding moderately priced ones? In my house, I have some nice rugs and some that are more trendy and temporary (and certainly cheaper).

Do you have a rug texture/construction preference? I hate high pile rugs, so I'm a fan of dhurries and kilims. If you buy a flatweave, you might want to get a set of these Stop the Curling Rug Corners.


  1. i'm new to rugs (i've only owned rag rugs in the past - judge if you must), so your timing couldn't be better! thank you so much for the tips, Kyle! ox

    1. hi there kyle, thank you again for mentioning our rugs on your blog! always so flattering. thought you might like to see the new additions to the fallon and zuna collections at Surya..check here http://www.surya.com/rugs/fallon/fal1067/ for a start and let me know your thoughts..feedback is always a help.

    2. Jill - I LOVE the one shown on the link...the design is so fresh and versatile and that color is fab too. As always, great job!!

  2. I love rugs, since it is like looking at artwork! and Im obsessed with finding the right ones. My choices aren't the expensive FOREVER rugs, since my tastes constantly change, and I don't want anything f o r e v e r .
    My problem is that I can't afford expensive rugs, so I buy on One Kings Lane, or West Elm, or at a Home Goods store, etc.
    Then my next problem since Im budget conscious, is I usually buy them 6 x9 and under, due to price. Lesson learned:
    It's better to buy a rug too large than too small. The smaller ones all over my house, in front of couches and doors, are starting to look like post-a -notes all over my house. We have found great bargains in large natural fiber rugs, which I have tried, but it is not my look in my house, although I do like them... I need to save up for an 8 x 10 !!!!

  3. These rug options are awesome! Thanks for the direction on finding inexpensive rugs!


  4. this may not be expensive to some but once i bought a $5,000 rug for our cabin. i felt pressured & had looked at rugs for ever & couldn't find the right one. the colors are great but it has faded & every time a dog runs across it or baby spills, i kick myself for spending that much. taste & styles change so in hind sight would have kept looking for a less expensive option.

  5. I wish this post had been available when I was rug shopping a few months ago!!! I wanted something soft for my little boys to play on, but didn't want to spend thousands on a rug that would inevitably get juice spilled on it, so I got one of the knock-off persian rugs. It sheds like CRAZY!

  6. I had a jute rug from natural area rugs that shed more than any wool rug I've ever owned. It was so bad I literally threw it in the garbage. Do you think this is normal? I love the look of jute, but am afraid to try another one from somewhere else as our experience was so bad!