New Painting from Morli Wilcox

A long time ago, I ran across a painting on Etsy that I immediately caught my attention. I clicked through to the full item description and found that the materials used in its construction were unorthodox, to say the least. Do you notice anything unusual?

Well, the mixed media piece, called Taboo, was constructed with paint and shredded pornography! At the time I first saw it, I was sourcing pink artwork for a client's nursery so it was obviously out of the running for that, but I was still intrigued by the piece and was dying to see it in person. After sitting in my bank of Favorites on Etsy, I finally bit the bullet on bought it last week. 

It arrived last night and it's definitely a piece that pulls you in! It's almost like a sordid version of a Where's Waldo drawing in that you find yourself scanning for the conspicuous, illicit details. It's very intricate and the slivers of the dirty magazine pages really just contribute to the movement and texture and don't provide any offending imagery (which was a relief). Clearly, the dogs are unfazed by the scandalous art...

Morli Wilcox is the artist that created Taboo and as this small world would have it, she's actually from the neighborhood that I live in now (she lives in Missouri now)! We got to chat a bit through Etsy about the coincidence. I just love that Etsy connects you directly with the artist...it makes the artwork that much more special when you get firsthand background about the piece and its creator.

Anyhow, I'm excited about the piece and as you can see from the above pics, it's sitting on my desk until I decide where to hang it. I'll probably keep in my office because I like how the colors work in there. What do you think of it? I'm dying to get a reaction, so please share your thoughts! And of course, have a great weekend!


  1. Very cool-love this Kyle-the idea and the colors are very interesting

    Thanks for sharing your Etsy Faves.:)

  2. very cool! love it! you have an eye!!! love your style!

  3. Congratulations on your latest art purchase dahhling... if ever so scandalous! (jaja!) I love art that is unusual & made of the unexpected. Wonderful that you are supporting artist & buying original art work. Nothing like it!

  4. Love the piece but what really struck me was how ridiculously neat your desk is!!!

    1. Ha! Well in my office I have two desks...the one in the photo, is where I work at the computer and I try to keep it really clean. The other one is usually covered with fabrics, tape measures, samples, papers...it's the mayhem desk ;)

  5. What a nice working place. Very creative. Love that painting too.

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  6. Now that's what I call art with a story. Pretty cool.

  7. That is so friggin cool- I LOVE that idea for art. Its like naughty and beautiful at the same time- what a great combo!

  8. LOVE the painting and the color of your walls. What color is it???

  9. i am so thrilled to be blogged about! please feel free to "like" me on facebook! i am constantly working on new and exciting pieces.