Galbraith & Paul's Tantalizing Textiles

There are lots of things that I get excited about and fabric most certainly falls on that list, which is why I'm talking about it two posts in a row! Today, I wanted to share another outstanding American textile source, Galbraith & Paul. They create hand block-printed textiles, handmade rugs, studio printed wallpaper, and lighting (which is sold at Room & Board along with their pillows).  Founders Liz Galbraith and Ephraim Paul have built a business based on craftsmanship, quality, and creativity and I love that they've seen 26 years of success as a result of that culture.

G&P has recently released new sets of fabric and wallpaper patterns and they are insanely beautiful. I'll be stopping by David Sutherland (the Dallas showroom that reps the line) ASAP to check out the new goodies in person. Until then, I was happy to plow through images on the Galbraith & Paul site. Here is a sampling of what you'll find there:

Midnight Pomegranate on White Linen, Midnight Ribbon on White Linen, Denim Monarch on White Linen, Denim Lotus on White Linen

Lotus fabric - Light Flax on Cream Linen, Light Cadet on Upholstery Linen, Rhubarb on Cream Linen, Sprout on White Linen, Denim on White Linen, Mineral on Cream Linen

Light Cadet Lotus, Light Indigo Pomegranate, Cadet Ribbon on Upholstery Linen

Sprout Monarch on White Linen, Icicle Ribbon on White Linen, Sprout Lotus on White Linen, Willow Pomegranate on White Linen, Mineral Monarch on Cream Linen

Pomegranate in Currant


And now onto the glorious wallpaper offering...

Aqua Lotus wallpaper

Smokebush wallpaper in Stone

Tile wallpaper in Kiwi. Also shown: Midnight Diamonds on Upholstery Linen

Tulip wallpaper in Frost

And to show off at least one of the G&P prints that aren't in the new collection, here is Small Star which looks fantastic on these vintage chairs. These were done by Stella Dallas, one of the best shops in Big D...

Navy Small Star

As a small-scale print, Small Star complements lots of patterns with larger repeats as shown here...

Finally, I wanted to offer a glimpse of the printing process. Lots of people balk at the high cost of quality fabric and hopefully this will help explain the price point. Here is a shot of the gorgeous Lotus fabric in production...

What are your thoughts on Galbraith & Paul's creations? To me, their style is really versatile and could be used in a casual or formal setting. Besides loving their patterns and colors, I also appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind all of their products. That's pretty hard to come by these days!


  1. These are gorgeous! I love the wallpapers...they are soft and feminine but have great patterns.

  2. Love the ethnic vibe and beautiful colors! I do agree that the could be used in any space- that is the best part! Enjoyed the pics!

  3. Wow these are beautiful. I love the picture that shows how they do hand block print.

  4. This line is one of my favorites. When I first discovered it several years ago when it first came out, I called them and Paul answered the phone when I called. He was so incredibly nice to me. I love using this line in projects!

  5. I LOVE them. Used to sell it in Denver. Just stunning.- Jessica @FLOR

  6. I love their work. It has inspired me to explore, learn and share what I learn about the art, craft & business of block printing on fabric through a new blogger blog, Block Print Me. I design pottery and our process is not so different, just way smaller in scale. There is so much to learn and G&P is the company to watch. I've been unable to find other larger scale (bigger than Etsy) printers in the USA. I'm ready to jump in a car and drive to Philadelphia. Thank you for sharing.