Dallas Art Fair Crushes

The Dallas Art Fair was going on this past weekend and I was able to spend a bit of time there. All in all, there was plenty of interesting artwork and the mix of exhibiting galleries was diverse in terms of geographical location and point of view. My only complaint is that the average price point was pretty high, especially for new collectors and young buyers. Next year I would love to see the DAF add an emerging artists section to the lineup to not only offer exposure for up-and-coming artists, but also to engage buyers that can't afford to spend $10-100K+ per piece.

Anyhow, among the list of exhibitors, I coveted work by artists represented at the Thomas Solomon Gallery in LA, Alpha Gallery in Boston, Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas, Artspace111 in Fort Worth, and Marty Walker Gallery in Dallas.

By far, my favorite artist that I found is Brad Eberhard who is represented at the Thomas Solomon Gallery. I would do bad things to get my hands on any of his work, but especially the following pieces:

And from a gallery on the opposite coast, Stephanie Pierce's work caught my eye in the Alpha Gallery booth. After looking through her portfolio, this is one of my favorite pieces:

I'll stop there with the images because digital pics don't do the artwork justice...it's such a different experience to see a piece in person. Nevertheless, I wanted you to get a sense of the work created by these new favorite artists of mine. Since I found new art crushes - both artists and galleries - I'd definitely consider my Dallas Art Fair experience a worthwhile one.

To me, a good art fair presents the opportunity to see works from galleries all over the world. It's an excellent venue for discovering new artists and galleries and more generally, for exposing yourself to lots of quality work in one fell swoop. If you're like many of my clients and want to start buying art but don't have the time to gallery hop, then make plans to go to a pedigreed art fair. It's a fun experience and a great way to dip your toe into the art world!


  1. The colors used in Brad Eberhard's paintings are amazing!

  2. I attended a few events during the Dallas Art Fair this past weekend...I even had the opportunity of interviewing a curator from NYC. It's nothing like beautiful original art.

  3. I love Eberhard's ABC painting. These are all fantastic.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love Stephanie Pierce's piece! The movement and interesting coloring reminds me of one of my favorite artists: http://alkeemi.blogspot.com/
    Her name is Kimia Kline, and that is to her blog where she does post her newer works and links to her portfolio, shop, etc. You should check her out :)

  5. Totally agree with you on the Emerging Artist section. Would be such a great addition!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I wasn't able to go this weekend, and would have loved to have seen it all! Too bad these pieces were so expensive. There's an art festival outside the city if you want to trek out the the burbs (well, Richardson) -it's the Cottonwood Arts Festival. I went last year, and they had quite a few interesting artists.... I will say it's more of a festival -so you do have to looks past a lot of crafts to get to the goods!