Going to the Greens

I've been really drawn to greens lately - specifically, a fresh mint green and its various iterations. If it's called jade, pistachio, celadon, sea foam, or spearmint...chances are, I'm interested as long as the hue is pretty saturated (i.e. doesn't venture into the sage realm).

It's been a hot color in fashion all spring and I'm starting to notice it some in decor as well. For interiors, I love it paired with grey and a vibrant poppy or blended in with blues to create an easy watery aura. Here are some things I've spotted lately in the happy hue:

Flap Jacks painting - Michelle Armas
Bookcase - Pin Dynasty
Celestial Cloud Stools (pair) - Clayton Gray Home
Pillow - Proud Mary
WaterColors in Leprechaun Lynch - Scotch Naturals
Shagreen Cardcase - Jayson Home
Glass Vessels - Etsy

It's such a cute color, right? It's wonderfully springy/summery. Any favorite items? And are you wondering about the random typewriter? If so, I included it because I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of using a small vintage typewriter in lieu of a guest book (image a sheet of pretty stationery loaded up). I think it would make a fun and functional accessory for the entry table.


  1. i love that cabinet..i also wrote about mint green today, but more in fashion sense...loving this color sooo much!! :))

  2. Love it, perfect for the Spring!! Crisp, bright and refreshing!

  3. I love this color! It reminds me of the ocean in the caribbean!

  4. Gorgeous round-up, Kyle. You present a pretty impressive case for this beautiful hue! ox