Hooray for Thibaut Fine Furniture!

Wallpaper and fabric purveyor, Thibaut, has launched a lovely line of American-made furniture. I'm excited about it because the entire line has a classic, timeless aesthetic and from what I've read about the construction, the quality is top-notch. I also like that each piece can be customized in countless ways, so the sky is the limit in terms of style direction and color palette. Finally, Thibaut promises fast delivery. It's rare to see a 3-4 week lead time with custom furniture, so that's definitely a plus.

Thibaut Fine Furniture's offering includes headboards  and a wide variety of seating options. I love pretty much every ottoman/bench that they make, including this little stunner, called Preston (it's also available in a bench size):

And their collection of chairs is chock full of iconic styles. Here are some of my favorites:

And finally, I LOVE every single Thibaut dining chair...here they are in all their glory:

They also have some beautiful sofa options. The Kendall style is my top pick:

I'm pretty thrilled to have Thibaut as a source for furniture now. Despite the higher cost, it's always best to buy furniture that will last a lifetime and these goods seem to fall into that category. Thibaut wallpaper and fabric is represented at the Hickory Chair showroom here in Dallas and I'm so hoping that they will stock Thibaut's furniture so that I can see it. Will keep you posted on that!


  1. Awesome announcement! and trusted name in the industry..great combo.
    Love the line, and that sofa is amazing!

  2. I'm excited about this line too. Can't wait to see in person in High Point at market!

  3. Wow Kyle - thank you so much for this post! Love your enthusiasm and support! Will you be attending High Point next week? If so, please swing by the Thibaut Showroom at #315 Historic Market Square - would love to meet!

  4. Hey these are really some amazing furniture items. Dining chairs are looking pretty good! I like white furniture that's why the last photo of this sofa I like most! Anyway, thanks for sharing.