Bathroom Remodel Update

Miss me? Sorry I've been a deadbeat blogger lately...I've been very busy with client projects and any spare moment of my time has been spent on our master bathroom and closet remodel, which is currently underway.

All is going well thanks to my super GC, Dave Anderson, who co-owns Redo Remodeling (and is the husband of my lovely blogging bud Katie of Modern Eve). Dave is reliable, intelligent, honest, knowledgeable, and works with awesome sub-contractors. Basically, I highly recommend Redo and suggest that you call them if you're a Dallasite looking for someone to lead the charge in an upcoming remodeling or residential construction project.

At the moment, the space has been framed and all of the fun stuff is about to begin. Here's a shot of the raw space...the little window is where the shower will be:

Not surprisingly, the first draft of the plan was modified and this is the final layout:

Here's a quick tour, starting from the upper left corner of the plan:

  • This is the back of the closet and this zone will have upper and lower cabinet units - the uppers will hold laundry supplies and the lowers will be comprised of light/dark laundry hampers and lots of drawers. This space will be where laundry gets folded since it's conveniently located near the washer and dryer (I can't tell you how thrilled I'll be to have those in the closet).

  • The odd little space behind the washer and dryer will likely be used for hanging coats and storing luggage.
  • The other cabinet units - marked in green - are floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and they will have shaker doors with inset beveled mirror panels. The look will be slightly similar to this (although mine won't be inset, so not nearly as swanky):
Designed by Steven Gambrel
  • The tub will be a cast iron tub with a painted exterior. I might do black or I'm tinkering with the idea of doing mint green...ultimately the color is still under consideration :)
Brooke Shields' home, image via Architectural Digest

Image via Todaloos
  • The shower will be 8' x 5' and will have exposed plumbing, Carrara penny-round tile flooring, and white subway tile walls. The areas behind the shower fixtures will be trimmed with chair rail, liner, and the penny rounds and the shampoo cavity will get a snazzy penny round back wall.

  • The vanity area will be comprised of a double-sink console with a Carrara marble top, inset medicine cabinets, a pair of sconces, and a vintage glass towel bar to display my beloved new towels (monogram style is TBD).

  • For the wall space around the vanity I'm debating on whether or not to a) run subway tile all the way up to the ceiling and b) do the chair rail trim + border element. I like the idea of having some drywall so then a bit of color can come into play with paint or wallpaper, but I also love a totally tiled wall. And as for the border, I'm a fan of it but it annoys me that it cuts off at the shower glass. You'll see the options in the mockups below. What do you think?

I'm looking at Sherwin Williams' Glimmer and Window Pane as potential wall colors along with Ben Moore Woodlawn Blue and Crystalline...

  • The nook between the vanity and the WC will be filled with a small console, a floor mirror, and an upholstered storage stool where I can stash my hair dryer, curling iron, etc. I plan to use this spot to dry my hair and put on makeup. I love the idea of either a lucite piece or a console with a tailored slipcover, however, I need to be practical about storage so we'll see what ends up here. And don't worry, the stool will be much better looking than the one pictured!

  • The WC will be enclosed with frosted glass doors to let in light from the window above the toilet.
Photo via William Hefner, Inc.
  • Finally, the shoe storage will be located near the entry doors and I'm thinking of having my iron fabricator make floor-to-ceiling étagères with acrylic shelves. However, I'm paranoid about the shoes getting dusty so ideally I'd like glass doors on the piece. Plus, I'd love to incorporate a space for purses to be kept. If money was no object, then my dream scenario would be to employ a pair of these bad boys because they are BEAUTIFUL and I could display shoes up top and bags in the bottom:

So, there you have my grand plan...or at least a large chunk of it. I still have to source cabinet and door hardware, design window coverings, select paint colors....yadayadaya. I can't wait for it all to come together!


  1. Ok. I am so glad you are back! I need to know where that crystal light fixture is from!!!??? Seriously. I need it.

  2. That sounds unbelievable! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. My God, WHAT a bathroom! Heaven.

    My bathroom's wall are marble from floor to ceiling, and I have to say it's a really great effect. Also makes cleaning really easy. It does create problems when I want to install new hardware, because you can't just drill into the marble and patch holes how you want like with a cement wall. Flexibility is my only issue with floor to ceiling marble walls.

    The bathroom / dressing room / laundry room looks like heaven.

  4. what do you mean yours wont be swanky like that pic?!?! this is SUPER swanky. great job, cant wait to see it finished!

  5. That is gorgeous! Great job!

  6. i'm may move it...you won't even notice me and i promise not to leave my towel on the floor (grin). but seriously, it's lovely--from the grand plan all the way to the details.

    i don't even want to know the $$$ of that mastercraft--crazy cool.

  7. I have spent from the day you posted this until just now studying this amazing concept! It is impeccable. I can-not-wait-till-it-is-finished!!!!!!
    This is pretty much my dream bathroom. The only thing I would change is hexagon marble floor tiles, that is it!

  8. Kyle - I added a bathroom a couple of years ago myself. I know how hard all of these decisions are! You'll love your penny round tile. I used Ann Sacks penny rounds and that's the first thing that people compliment when they walk in my bathroom. I LOVE the marble version...they didn't have those a few years ago... Your colors are also very similar to what I did. You'll LOVE you new bathroom! It's going to be gorgeous! XO!

  9. Wow! All this right around the corner from a mall. HA! What an Okie.

  10. I cannot wait to see it once it's all finished! It going to be so great.

  11. 1) YES, we missed you.
    2) This bathroom/closet looks like HEAVEN! Can't wait to see the finished product

  12. Oh Lordy. This is a dream closet/bathroom. I cannot wait to see how it all looks once done. I was wondering how the renovation was going! So glad you have a good GC! They're hard to find. I hope all continues to go well!!!


  13. oh THIS is going to look fantastic! :) Cant wait to see it all :)


  14. The space is going to look great! What tile are you using for the floor?

  15. I just found your blog and I'm smitten already! Your bathroom is going to look AMAZING. My DREAM is to have a washer/dryer off my bathroom/closet. It just makes good sense! Can't wait to see how it turns out

  16. Can you tell me where you found your penny tiles?

  17. Looks great!! I just hung up my Bling Chandelier and I love it!! Good choice, can't wait to see the finished product.


  18. Kyle! this is going to be amazing -- I can't wait to see it. Congrats!!

  19. Looks amazing..I'm jealous. I might just have to copy it.

  20. Such a wonderful bathroom!The details are perfect!

  21. It's going to be an amazing space...love the tiles!!

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