Tie Dye Trend

Have you been noticing that tie-dye or dip-dyed textiles are everywhere right now? Although I'm not a huge fan, I think the emergence of these unpredictable, relaxed patterns is a refreshing addition to the bohemian style set. In some cases, it could even be used as an alternative to ikat, which is nice. Here's a sampling of examples I've recently spotted...

1) Shibori Squares Silk Pillow - ABC Home - $245
2) Ombre Dye Rug - West Elm - $110-720
3) Tie Dye Chair - Etsy - $425
4) Kiki 100% linen fabric - Clarence House
5) Kevin O'Brien Merino Shibori Throw - Viva Terra - $495
6) Shibori Pillow - ABC Home - $64

7) Tie Dye Pillow - Etsy - $64
8) Kevin O'Brien Linen Shibori Pillow - Viva Terra - $135

9) Cashmere Tie-Dye Throws - ABC Home - $495
10) Tie Dye Placemats - Jayson Home - $20

What do you think of the trend? I'm intrigued, probably because I like free-form patterns and abstract art. I'm not, however, overflowing with ideas on how and where to use the textiles. They definitely create a specific look and to me, it's important to use them sparingly and to juxtapose a dip- or tie-dyed item against more geometric or polished things. For instance, I love the rather casual tie-dye fabric on the formal, lacquered chair frame shown above. And I think a shibori pillow or throw would be gorgeous accent on white bedding (Shibori is an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that probably deserves more distinction from the term "tie-dye" than I've given it).

I will say that my absolute favorite thing in the round-up is Clarence House's Kiki fabric...even though it's not technically tie-dye, dip-dye, or Shibori. I seriously want to have some curtain panels made for my house in this!! They would be pretty wild, but super fun. I got to see it in person at the showroom a few weeks ago and it's stunning. My iPhone photo does it no justice but I wanted to show the other colorways...

So...tell me, are you planning to buy some tie-dyed pillows or a throw? Can you imagine these textiles anywhere in your home? What about something like this hand-painted Shibori pillow that's got the lively design but a neutral color palette?

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  1. OMG that chair! And for how much??? Is it miniature??? SOLD!!! I have had my eye on those blankets from ABC for so long. I just need to get one to go with my new chair ;) xo Elizabeth