New Studio Bon Pillows!

Check out this awesome pair of pillows that I won at an event for Studio Bon, hosted by Schumacher! They are made with Greek T in the Midnight/Prussian colorway. It's one of the fab prints from their latest collection.

At the event, Studio Bon and Schumacher were also giving away this gorgeous set of vintage chairs, newly upholstered in the Greek T as well...
 I was thrilled to have my name called for the pillows because the blues actually work in my house! I've been scheming to start replacing pillows on the sectional in the den anyhow, so this is a good place to start. 

I just love the Midnight - which is a great navy blue - and the Prussian - a deep, rich turquoise - together.

I really like how they look in the space...it's just the right dose of blue.

The pillows even play off the blue tidbits on my coffee table (and as an aside, I've been getting the best peonies at the grocery stores here in Dallas)!

So, many thanks to Studio Bon and Schumacher for hosting the giveaway! I just adore the new pillows and loved getting to chat with founder Bonnee Sharp at the event. She's totally vivacious and completely inspiring...I'm so glad people like her are in the textile business. Not only has she breathed new life into the scene with her fresh, modern patterns, she's also kept the printing process for her line in the United States, using the old-school, hand-screened method. So, each piece of fabric is like a piece of art and that's all too rare these days!


  1. Hi Kyle,

    First of all, I must say I love your home!

    I remember when you bought your fiddle leaf and it looks like it is thriving. Can you tell me if you give it fertilizer, and if so what kind and how often? Mine did great when I first brought it home a year ago...I put it by a window and it grew about a foot then it stopped last spring. I re potted into a larger container over a month ago and still nothing. Your leaves are much greener too. :/



    1. Hi Linda, So I feel awful writing this, but I've actually never fertilized my Fiddle Leaf Figs. Although, I'll probably do it this weekend now that you've mentioned it :) I've been a pretty bad plant parent to them!

      I guess the only secret to keeping mine green has been keeping them outside in the sun as much as possible. Even during our awful Texas heat, I'd put them outside pretty often to make sure they were getting plenty of sun.

      Other than that, I just water sparingly.

    2. Thanks Kyle! I don't do that so maybe I will try putting it outside once in awhile. Even though mine is by a window, it doesn't seem to get enough of the right light.

      Linda :)

  2. Love the colors of the new pillows. The tray and flowers on the coffee table are my favorite. Where's that tray from?


    1. Hi Corbin,
      I actually got that tray as a wedding gift, so I don't have a good source to point you to. I'm 99% sure it's pewter and it's a croc print so you might try googling those search terms.

  3. This looks so inviting! I just love your living room! It makes me want to redo mine. Can you share your paint color on the wall? It looks like a greyish blue. Thanks! Margaret

    1. Hey Margaret,
      Thanks for the kind words! The color is very similar to Ben Moore's Senora Gray. I say similar only because I end up custom mixing almost every paint color to adjust for the lighting in a room.

  4. I just noticed the bar in the background of your photo as one I pinned before. What a small world! :) The Greek T chairs are awesome, and how fun to win new pillows! I am quite jealous about your peonies. In Michigan, we will have to wait awhile for peonies...

  5. The pillows look great! I love layering the blues.