The Colors of the Impressionists

If you're an art and a color person like I am, you'll appreciate this pretty infographic designed by Arthur Buxton and Derek Ruths. It represents the color usage of ten artists that played a role in the Impressionist movement (some are Neo-Impressionists and Post-Impressionists). As you may well know, Impressionism revolutionized the way color was used in art about a century ago. So the study of the color "trends" of each artist is pretty fascinating and the visual snapshot of the information is beautiful on its own account.

Don't worry...I won't go into a big art history lecture here (but I urge you to read the info from the Met linked above), I'll leave you to soak up the color inspiration. And if viewing digitally isn't enough for you, a Ten Years Ten Artists giclĂ©e print can be purchased through Arthur Buxton or Howkapow...


  1. this is fascinating. wouldn't it be interesting to see how it coincided with their mental health, as well (think rothko)?

  2. I love this, I am such a color person this is so interesting.. the colors are thought provoking! Thanks for such a great post!